Esat Coast Cartel is looking for new members


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Thread: Esat Coast Cartel is looking for new members

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    East Coast Cartel is looking for new members

    East Coast Cartel is looking for new member. (Invitecode 632459725)

    We have a small core of active player. Over time we have lost some of are top players due to game burn out. So we are looking to expand our group.

    So far we have:
    48/50 defence bonusses
    22/50 attack bonusses
    122/190 total bonusses

    We are ranked 500-700, but we hope to get to a higher ranking once we have a bigger group. Our Dl has 68 mil defence.
    We finish normal of the Raid boss.
    We always have 5x300 bosses during the Epic boss.
    We are very close to finishing SLTQ elite. With a little extra help we can surely beat it .

    There is no minimum stat requirement. Anyone at any level can join.
    There is now minimum cash donation. We ask of you to donate whatever you can miss.

    All we ask of you is to be active and participate in all the syndicate events.
    We also use Groupme to communicate, which is mandatory.

    If you have any questions feel free to send me a message or make a comment in this thread.
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