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Thread: Go Pokes has 2 Spots

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    Go Pokes has 2 Spots

    Go Pokes! is recruiting. At present we have 2 open spots. We have a great group of core members from around the world. We are looking to add members from all over and are very interested in adding to our Euro and Australian presence, or anyone fighting during the US overnight hours. We are looking for active players, but we do realize this is a game and real life comes first. We have great group of players that is a mixture of gold and free players.

    We are consistently in the top 250 for WD and 200 or so for FL finishes.

    We finish the Epic Boss faction goals, the Prestige energy events and Prestige Raid Boss. We finished two Masters FLTQ plus received the Speed bonus during the last cycle. The temporary regen bonuses and some concerted goal usage paved the way. We will be smart about going after the Masters prizes.

    Our past performance in WD : France 314, Mexico 192, Italy 70, Netherlands 214, Cuba 339, Chile 190, Turkey 125, Finland 302, Mongolia 228, Armenia 176, Zambia 245, Greece 351, Indonesia (Jakarta 24hr) 247, Indonesia 282, Peru 241, Zimbabwe 347, Argentina 310, Bangkok 290, Thailand 335 and 208 in the last event

    Frontline results: Argentina 267, Thailand 302, Jamaica 24hr 217, Jamaica 171, 198 in the last event.

    Our bonuses are currently:
    Infantry Defense +35% Max
    Infantry Attack +25%
    Ground Defense +35% Max
    Ground Attack +20%
    Air Defense +35% Max
    Air Attack +15%
    Sea Defense +35%
    Sea Attack +5%
    Building Defense +35% Max
    Health Recovery Time -30% Max
    Buildings Output +25%
    Casualty Rate -14%
    Guild Increase +38

    Active in all faction events
    min attack/defense 50mil, but varies based on level.
    15k WD points
    Group-me app
    No minimum cash donation, but at least 1x iPH is suggested
    Donation of Raid Boss folders and concrete
    Gold not required, but welcome.

    Give us a shot. Go Pokes! 955817338.

    Go Pokes! Recruiting' on GroupMe. Click here to join: https://groupme.com/join_group/9070833/69RK3N
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    Go Pokes! Code: 955817338
    Infantry Def +35% Max
    Ground Def +35% Max
    Air Def +35% Max
    Sea Def +35% Max
    Infantry Atk +35% Max
    Ground Atk +35% Max
    Air Atk +35% Max
    Sea Atk +35% Max
    Building Def +35% Max
    Health Recovery Time -30% Max
    Buildings Prod +35 Max
    Casualty -30% Max
    Guild Increase +40 Max

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