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Thread: Faction looking for players to break in top 1000

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    Faction looking for players to break in top 1000

    Faction looking for players after weeding out in actives.We are a good group who like to have fun ,help each other out to get stronger.Have players worldwide ,looking for UK or European players to cover time zone but all welcome..Players of all levels welcomed ..groupme chat is used and a must to join.So if your looking for a fun banter group and who like to help each other out try us..Females welcomed have 2 as officer's. Faction name is Protect Ya Neck or PYN invite code is 253-536-722.have 4 open slots!

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    Join forces

    Would you be interested in merging factions? Strong Bastards has consistently been a top 2000 faction ranking between 1200 - 1600. We will be making some unfortunate cuts due to 8-9 of our players not being active.

    We will have room for approximately 25-27 additional players who like to have fun while building a strong faction. Our only requirements are communicate, be active, and donate 5,000,000 weekly usually on Wednesdays. If a newer or lower level player the donation is not required while they build up.

    I have been with this faction for a little over 2 months and am currently the leader. My attack and defense has increased by over 26 million in both areas and have never had more fun playing this game.

    I think if our 2 groups became 1 we could shoot into the top 500. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks!

    Health Regeneration : +35% Max
    Ground Attack : +15%
    Air Attack : +5%
    Infantry Attack : +15%
    Sea Attack : +5%
    Infantry Defense : +35% Max
    Ground Defense : +35% Max
    Air Defense : +30%
    Sea Defense : +20%
    Building Defense : +35% Max
    Building Output : +20%
    Guild Member Increase : +22 1st level Max 2 done for 2nd level

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    hey there we would be interested if you would be interested in merging into are faction we are 36/46 atm we have many active and strong players have many over 100 mil and most everyone is daily players. and we could make more room by removing are mini"s if interested or want more info let me know this i a link to our recrument room if you would like to chat. https://groupme.com/join_group/10577390/pTplRz

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    Please take a moment to read.
    Surplus Soldiers is recruiting. Line app is a must to join. We are looking for any size players willing to be active and work together. Bonuses are low, but they won't be for long. We are tied to a top 250 faction, with experienced players willing to help. Invite code:230 762 386

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    Midnight Scorpions Need 12 players (top 1000)
    We are top 1000 faction looking for 12 new players. If you are in lower faction and want to make a move now, then give us a shot. Only requirement is that you are an active daily player, will join line app, and have a reasonable att/def to level ratio. Here is the code if you want to come over. We will not turn any reasonable player down, but will let you go if not active. 499952222 We have 12 spots and can make more for good merge.

    Midnight scorpions

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    AoS looking for multiple players

    The Ace of skulls (invite code: 647 178 715) is one of those special teams

    Would your team be interested in coming over to AoS? We are a top 250 team and have up to 15 spots! We need some active players to help us keep pushing forward. Activity is our number one priority..

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