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Thread: Spots open for war

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    Red face Spots open for war


    Spots open for war - stay for war or stay forever.

    Groupme will be needed for the war to communicate.

    faction code 199-449-423

    Brand new faction - Only 2 weeks old so not much history yet but:
    Finished 556 Frontline and got the 9/9 prestige 5 sweep!

    We are a group of veteran players that dropped from the high ranks to enjoy some stress free gaming and enjoy the company of good friends.

    bonuses so far

    Health Regen - MAXED
    Infantry Def - MAXED
    Ground Def - 25%
    Air Defense - 20%
    Sea Defense - 15%
    Infantry Att - 10%
    Ground Att - 5%
    Building output - 20%

    Requirements - or lack there of
    cash donations welcome, but not needed.
    Concrete and Folders - donate what you have
    No minimums for war or other events

    Groupme chatter is where its at.

    You're invited to my new group 'Fresh INK' on GroupMe. Click here to join:

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