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    Yes, it negates the advantage the high spending guilds get when using line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bottomz View Post
    Yes, it negates the advantage the high spending guilds get when using line.
    That... doesn't even make sense. Line is free and global chat wouldn't remove the use of Line anyway. And no, I'm not a big spender. Gree's lack of even decent customer service doesn't inspire me to spend money on this game.
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    Instead of a Global Chat I would love to have a Buddychat instead.
    Added of course with a Friendlist!

    It would make the game a whole lot more fun for others. A Global Chat would be only nice if you could really be able to tell people apart, Some guild have the policy of changing all of their names to the same names.
    The result of this is that people would end up trolling others by using people's names.
    If you do intend to actually add a Global then please ensure the ability to also check out the profile.

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    I agree with many of the posts above, there's no need for a global chat. If you want to work on the chat, improve the one that's already there. Until the current chat includes the functions we get from Line (various individual and group chats with albums and notes), none of the top guilds will be using it. I have anywhere between 300 and 1500 messages on my KnD line chats in the morning, so with 20 lines in the current KnD chat, it's usefulness is pretty non existing

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    worth a look

    Definitely worth considering on a trial bases I think.

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    A PM system would not be misplaced either

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    Global Chat

    Are you even serious here Gree? You have never been able to do 1 update without multiple problems and glitches. Your customer service is way beyond terrible .You don't listen to or fix the complaints you already have. You have made the name Gree a total running joke in everything you do now. Do you really think you could add a feature like this without destroying more than you help as with all your last minute changes, such as changing a 2 day war announcement to a 3 day war after people have already made plans per your original announcement. You do not ever listen to or support the players you currently have like myself that is just totally fed up with your inept abilities?

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    Instead of a global chat, please improve the existing chat system. The fact that if another app comes to foreground all (painstakingly!) entered text disappears alone makes it horrible to use. The censorship in writing messages feels like a joke (every 5th message gets censored for some dumb reason), messages disappear after some time so non-frequent players can't read them anymore (even if they are addressing them) etc. etc. ... the whole system is so impractical to use that fixing THAT would really be welcome instead of some global - probably in fact spam - chat.
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    Not a great idea in my opinion.

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    Global Chat in Knights and Dragons

    Personally I would like to see a few things implemented on Knights and Dragons Global Chat would be one of them.

    Global Chat would allow us to recruit people more easily rather than having to scroll through the Epic Bosses LB and looking for guildless players and it would allow us to interact with all players in knights and dragons. People complaining about spamming why not make in game moderators that can silence spammers? say No more then 3 post of the same content after 3rd post they can be silenced for 24 hours for spamming the global chat.

    Second I would like to see a forum link on mobile device possible under the setting button that way it easier for people to be more active in forums and can better search guids and communicate with gree and the knights and dragons community rather then having to log onto pc everytime.

    Finally I would like to see more Guild Wars not only on the weekends but weekdays, make it an option for one clan being able to challenge another. The other clan can either accept or reject the war challenge this way their is more competion. No prizes need to be distrubated these are just friendly wars maybe give clans ranking the more they war and win the higher their clan rank in a global system?

    Let me know what you all think

    Southern Cross

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    Global Chat KnD

    Just an add on for global spamming and silencing forgot to put no more then 3 post of the same content like recruitment post with in 7 minutes or so after 3rd post for example if you post a third recruitment thread and you happen to post a fourth you could be silenced by a moderator for spamming you would have to wait 7 minutes before posting the same recruitment post also so people cant get other members to spam global chat after your third recruitment post they too can be silenced for spamming if they post the same recruitment post.

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    Bad idea lol

    It would be filled with censored trash talking Tweens...
    If gree wanted to add something useful to the game they should think of maybe breaking the barrier between android and iOS players it would ultimately make them more money in the long run but it would cost them money to upgrade servers and I don't see that happening anytime soon

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    Your servers barely hold their own now. Please no. And what about new content?
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    I see no real benefit for a global chat other than maybe a realtime way for Mods to announce things to ALL players rather than just ones in the forum.

    If you do for some unknown reason, PLEASE make a way for those who don't want anything to do with it to be able to turn it off/remove it.


    edit: if you have your heart set on making a useful chat something for us, then by all means add a single category/tab/whatever to our existing chat so guild leadership can talk to each most all other games have.
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    I don't care about global chat

    I have been trying to get my account back for several days now with no success. Hopefully posting here will get a response. And the only response I get from gree is a copy paste form letter not giving me back my acct and not telling me why. My acct on here and in game are the same and both are more than a year old. With all the acct stealing and scammers out there and they refuse to help ppl that actually own the accts. How about instead of a world chat U create a login and password system so that ppl could retrieve their acts with out having to deal with gree' s less than stellar technical support. FYI I still do not have my acct and would love some assistance getting it back

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