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Thread: Combine factions 555259583

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    Combine factions 555259583

    Our faction has 52 slots and 25 of them are open we have been together for over 2 years and have a lot of bonuses maxed all the defense is maxed and most of the offense. Let's combine factions to dominate!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonm1a1 View Post
    Our faction has 52 slots and 25 of them are open we have been together for over 2 years and have a lot of bonuses maxed all the defense is maxed and most of the offense. Let's combine factions to dominate!
    Hi I am the leader of a faction that needs to restructure we have about 40 members not all of them are active.we use to be a top 500 team we have pretty good faction.stats also we use groupme to chat & Docbot in battles.our team name is Dynos international elite or DIE for short my name is badrleg,we have 54 spots on our team.our highest memmber attack is 529m & def is 381m right now anyway with all this temp boost.what do you think should we talk more or are you not interested in a merge our faction code is 233 347 780 or you can email me at

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    Guns, Guts, and Glory would love to absorb another faction, we have 19 slots open, and can get more if needed.
    37 bonuses and counting!
    Tons of concrete, and always plenty of intel folders.
    NO minimum donations (daily donations are required, but no minimum amount)
    Seeking ACTIVE members only!
    We use Palringo to coordinate and communicate.
    Join Team 3G now!!!

    Join the Guns, Guts, and Glory faction 3-G!
    Invite code - 370 367 116

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    101st streaming eagles used to be top100/250 and currently ranks around top500. We have almost every faction boost maxed except a couple of attack bonus. The majority of the team has been playing together for more than 3 years.* we are a group of cool people and have a "no a-hole" team rule. We always try to balance the game and real life,* balance winning and fun, always try to stay competitive but not overly aggressive.

    We look for teaming up with several (likely 2) factions to combine our strength: put top players in the first team,* and middle players in the second team* and relatively unproductive players in the third team.* We can actively/dynamically promote or demote players based on their performance.

    We expect to have 60 players in the first team and will target top100/150 which can be easily reached if each player contributes at least 40k WD points. The first team should also be able to finish most FLTQs.* The second team targets top 500/750 if each scores 20k+ points. The third team should be easygoing and targets top1000.

    We use groupme for communication. If ur team is interested,* we can open a groupme room to have team leaders and senior officers to discuss.

    Thanks for your attention.

    101st streaming eagles
    Faction invite code: 963754889

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    AoS looking for multiple players

    *** if we knew the merge was solid, we could open more slots possibly***

    The Ace of skulls (invite code: 647 178 715) is one of those special teams, we have been here since the very first day factions started, and have a special core group of players. We have built so many top 100 players (your welcome top 100) because here at AoS we have taken chances on smaller players if we can sense they are active. We have taken baby players and turned them into low level high stat machines. Some stay and some donít. It depends on what they want for their game, and we understand that. If you want a great group of friends who work together, laugh together and genuinely care about one another that is AoS. We play hard during our everyday life, so when something comes up in real life we have a solid team to support one another. The best parts of AoS is the people, and have had so many people that have left for other factions say that they have never found another faction like it. We have a good mix of people from all over the world, and canít wait to add to our family!
    Now it is time for some great players to take a chance on AoS, just like all those we have taken a chance on! We need to check in our good karma and believe that it is time for AoS to be blessed.

    We have 5-15 spots for new members. WE LOVE SMALL GROUPS, and would work to get your friends in with you.

    We have been in top 250 in all WD events for over six months and placed 180 in the past campaign. We have similar placement for Frontline.

    We got to level 23 of Masters Raid boss, and finished all the lower levels and the majority of our members got individual unit as well.

    We finish Prestige and lower levels of FLTQ, and got to level 15 Masters last time.

    Faction Bonuses: Building Output +30%
    Infantry Attack +30%
    Ground Attack +25%
    Air Attack +20%
    Sea Attack +15%
    Casualty Rate -5%
    Health Regen Time -30%
    Infantry Defense +35%
    Ground Defense +35%
    Air Defense +35%
    Sea Defense +35%
    Building Defense +35%
    Guild Member Increase +40

    Note: we use group me for detailed communication and valued info

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