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  1. I have also been personally involved in informing...

    I have also been personally involved in informing Gree about this "old hack" through private channels. I'm not sure it is getting the attention it deserves, because this is not a hack. This is a...
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    Another instance of fixing one thing or breaking another

    It is player appreciation month. Please do us all a favor and hire more testers. These individuals do not require a huge salary and the right quality control manager will make or break your...
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    Stop pushing updates in the middle of events

    Show of hands for who is getting constant restarting issues in your guild. !!!! Come on gree. You can see your server logs. You know there is a much higher participation of players during events. ...
  4. Get over it.

    1) The war BMG won was not cheating, it was fair play. It's well documented and self admitted the idea to nuke all of the BBT members before the war. Had it coming, every bit of it.

    2) I have...
  5. You are so out of touch with your user base, it's unreal.

    People spend serious money on this game in order to compete and spend time with virtual friends. We do it primarily because of the social aspect and the excitement of competing with other real...
  6. Minimize Problem by NOT transferring bound accounts, and please remember....

    While Gree certainly has the obligation to do something about this situation, please keep in mind that this is not something to get angry and flame Gree and their support over. They offer the...
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