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  1. Poll: Guess thats what we get for telling them a couple...

    Guess thats what we get for telling them a couple of guilds finished the last one!!!
    Only one way to stop this....
  2. Boycott

    We could Change things, Im ready to quit, I say lets start a thread of a diamond free war until they change things are way and not for there Greedy pockets. I can only post in threads and cant start...
  3. I felt like it was a FOOT IN THE A** to new...

    I felt like it was a FOOT IN THE A** to new players trying to catch up, Greedy new that the new players were wanting tree forts the most(thats why there priced the highest), I dont understand why we...
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    old buildings

    Why do you have to charge DIAMONDS for old building that came up again, Alot of people on a lower lvl that I know were raiding saving money for tree forts, you just put them out of reach to the...
  5. What a slap in the Face!!!

    After loosing my main awhile back that had Tree Forts, Ive been waiting forever for them to come back.
    Its sad I raid people with Tree Forts and see them not upgrading them and me not being able to...
  6. Tree Forts

    I would like to see the Tree Forts back to put everyone on even ground again
  7. Greed

    Why don't they respond to this thread, they know that people are thinking its a 40% sale, and buy, finding out its only a 20% sale! I wonder who gets the bonus for this!!!!!
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    How do you jump in kingdom age
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