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  1. Sticky: Looking for top fun active faction

    Looking for a top faction.
    Raw stats are:
    Level 156
    141.7m ATT / 179.2m DEF
    $7.6m IPH
    $$ to free gold usage
    Looking for top 150 faction with good bonuses
    Left last faction -...
  2. Sorry Gree, no time for this crappy event

    I was looking forward to the last event. I have over 28k units to get rid of. Unfortunately the amount of time it takes to play this event is not worth the time or effort. I do have a life like most...
  3. Sticky: LLP looking for good to 50-100 Faction

    Location - So Calif
    ATT/DEF Stats - 244a / 269d - Level 133
    IPH - $1.98m ( $5m daily donation )
    WD Points - last war 45000
    Gold/Free - Light gold user (will use gold to help faction win) / also...
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