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  1. Thread: Top 500 team

    by jgill

    Want to join new faction


    Looking to join a new faction who has a strategy. i meet all the needs for a player in your faction.

    can you send faction ID if you have room.

    thank you.
  2. Want to join faction

    I would like to join your faction. Attack and defense 100K+. Can contribute daily and am very activate.

    send faction ID if you have room.
  3. Faction ID

    Looking for a new group that does well together and participates. I am located in Pacific time zone and would like to know if you are looking for members.

    100K+ defense and attack. can easily...
  4. Faction Invite Code

    can you send me a the faction ID. you can either comment or send by email to

    thank you.
  5. Looking for a new faction

    Looking for a new faction that has a strategy to win World Domination. let me know you have any spots and what are WD point/Gold/vault deposit requirements.

    I participate in daily vault deposits....
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