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  1. Don't Let the 'M' word ruin your Opportunity

    Want you and your friends to enjoy the luxury of bonuses, as you play the game well (like we know you do) in nearly fully funded syndicate and without thinking you have to change with the whole...
  2. Are you looking to start new Syndicate, but dread financing bonuses? Talk to me!

    If you have good experience, Come be an Officer and help run the team!

    We are nearly maxed Syndicate with relaxed but active people ready to take in 30 + players.
    We are open to merges- but with...
  3. Top 1000 Team with Top 150 support/experience with most bonuses for growing players

    Are you wanting to grow from Top 1000?

    Good and Relaxed environment- no drama, with help from Top 150 team looking for new blood.
    Bring your dependable, active friends and watch your stats and...
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    Hello. Interested in your discussion about a merge. Please pm me. You spoke with one of our teams Officer's earlier today
  5. 20 player merge?

    We recently had a split in our team. Have 40/60 players looking to merge with other active players... Interested? Contact me 457 829 229
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