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  1. New members needed for a former top 500 faction.

    We are a old faction made up of a easy going group of players. Made top 500 in last frontline event. No chat app needed. All attack and def bonuses maxed. Must be active. If you are interested join...
  2. Members needed. Must be active no campers.

    Spartacus Dominator needs a few good players. No minimum donation just need to be active. 502 in last WD, 380 FL.
    Invite code 463247737
    Inf def 35% maxed
    Ground def 35% maxed
    Air def 35%...
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    Add me 181278076

    Add me 181278076
  4. Not happy.

    Updated game now none of my building show up only there Lvl number. also can not go to any of the maps to do missions. This has to be the worst time for this to happen. Not happy have been playing...
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