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  1. Sticky: Armor name: Burning Earth Aegis Player name :...

    Armor name: Burning Earth Aegis
    Player name : doe Flashpool
    Friend code : WBY-BCM-YMQ
    Suggested elements : Fire/Earth

    It's colors are the colors of ground and fire.

  2. Replies

    contest rewards?

    I was a finalist in both contests, when might the rewards come?
  3. Poll: gree, show mine with color?

    I have colored my entry in because I have been asked to, any chance to add it to the original entry? Here it is
  4. Poll: Here you go, I put some color in it, was leaving...

    Here you go, I put some color in it, was leaving that to gree lol
  5. Sticky: armor #2

    Name: Hellraiser's shroud or Earth Dragon's Mantle


    Type: Earth/Spirit

    Name: D O E Flashpool
    Guild : Dawn of Extinctions
    Friend Code : WBY-BCM-YMQ
  6. Sticky: armor #1

    Name: Mantle of the Abyss/ Inferno Tempest Shroud
    (Not sure if first is taken)


    Type: Fire/Water

    Name: D O E Flashpool
    Guild: Dawn of Extinctions
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    I know it blows my mind, it's nice to get random...

    I know it blows my mind, it's nice to get random gifts, no matter what they are
  8. Poll: improving things

    One thing I would really like to see is a 6th element added to the wheel, like, lightning between air and water. It would really change thinges up, open up tons more armor possibilities, add more...
  9. final entry

    Attributes: Fire/Air

    upon his birthday, the Dark Prince received a gift, a magic vortex of molding. Excited to test it out, he conjured up elemental creatures of fire and air. Then once...
  10. q&a

    1. Will there ever be new armor types to change up the play style? I.e.- Lightning between wind and water.

    2. Any chance of returning all players past lvl. 100 back to that point, since there...
  11. boss contest


    Once, in days past, the tiger of the blue flame was in a massive battle with the dragon ruler of the skies. As the battle raged on, the Dark Prince came across it and had a malicious idea. ...
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