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  1. Sticky: the FORT needs ur help.

    we have a an amazing amount of spot open. 15 spots can be up for grabs. all u have to do is message me in pm what u have to offer and I can give u more info on my faction. the top 500 faction awaits...
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    i need help

    I am in desperate need of a faction. I would like a top 250 faction. my low would be a top 400 faction. my stats are 1.8 mil A/D. I can pull in 15k points in war. 20k WD if I am getting good hits. I...
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    Top 250 faction

    I sent u a PM. if u have questions or concerns please ask and I will answer to the best of my ability with the current information I have. thank u for ur time:o The Silver Badge Boys want ur help
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