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  1. (Android) Meteor Pirates and subs recruiting!

    Ahoy there potential family,

    I come to you today with an offer you'd be crazy to pass up! If you're looking to find the fun, purpose, or meaning in this game; WE ARE HERE TO SHOW YOU! We...
  2. Meteor pirates STILL HAS SPOTS! Contact any...

    Meteor pirates STILL HAS SPOTS! Contact any leader in the post above to interview for your chance to be part of the most awesome group of filthy pirates! We are a top 50/100 guild with the...
  3. Android: Allied under majestic/3d meteor pirates in now recruiting!! Top 100

    Ahoy There,

    I come to you from a guild of wild, drunken, fun loving pirates. A group of people that like having fun and kicking ass in KnD! Every single event we aim for top 100 and...
  4. Get your spot now with Meteor Pirates! Allied...

    Get your spot now with Meteor Pirates! Allied under majb and 3d. Looking to fill 4-5 spots! Contact chrystal23 or lenni2012 on line today for interview!
  5. Meteor pirates...

    Meteor pirates finished 18th this blitz! We are getting stronger week by week! Some changes were made and we have 7 available spots. Apply today to join the quickly...
  6. Our latest epic...

    Our latest epic war finish! 109! Meteor Pirates has 3 spots available! Contact Chrystal23 or mfjhjr on line to apply today!
  7. MP finished 88th in the last war of the...

    MP finished 88th in the last war of the adventurer! We are quickly becoming the top guild we always knew we could be! We have 6 available spots as some changes were made, but if you're ready to join...
  8. Still looking...

    Still looking for new pirates! With a half full guild we almost hit top 100 in last epic war! Make the best decision of your knd life and become a pirate! Contact...
  9. [Droid] Meteor Pirates - Add an Arrgh To your life! - MajB sub recruiting

    Reading this, you are likely in need of a new option for the future, a new route to your game, a new guild for you.
    Meteor Pirates could very well be that guild. We are a friendly although crazy...
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    Amazing guild!
  11. bump!

    Awesome guild, with some really great people! Highly recommend!
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    Awesome guild, good luck with recruiting
  13. Awesome group of people!

    bump! Wonderful guild full of active players!
  14. bump! Good luck shan!

    bump! Good luck shan!
  15. bump!

    Bump for immortals
  16. meteor pirates recruiting

    Hello, I'm from a guild called meteor pirates allied under majestic. We are a top 100 guild and have finished 14th in a recent epic war. We are a maxed guild, with maxed bonuses. We are looking for...
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    meteor pirates recruiting

    meteor pirates is a maxed guild under the majestic alliance we placed 14th in the last ew, and are seeking active players. Tons of opportunities to level quickly and build up your armors. If you want...
  18. meteor pirates recruiting

    Meteor pirates is an allied guild under the Majestic alliance. We are a top 100 guild with a 14th place finish in last ew. There are plenty of opportunities to advance and further better yourself in...
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