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  1. TOP 500 Looking for new recruits!

    We are top 500 3 x in a row! but want more dedicated players to give us the top 250 push. If its something you can handle and desire then join 90Degree. We are very fun faction and we help all our...
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    TOP 500 faction bonuses looking to recruit

    Here are our bonuses and see if it meets ur need, and apply to the code below:

    Health Regen 26% FULL
    Infantry Defense 30% FULL
    Building Defense 30% FULL
    Building out put 15%
    Ground Defense 20%...
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    Top 500 faction looking for new members

    Hay we are top 500 3x in a row!
    But are fed up with few not so active players and want to go for top 250
    Requriments are strict because the stakes are too high
    how ever look at our bonuses and...
  4. TOP 500 looking to merge or bring new players!

    We were top 500 3 times in a row, but now we have cut off few dead weights and want motivated members to give us the top 250 push! You must be over 55k attk or defense and dedicated. apply now and we...
  5. Think about it

    Dude we have higher health that means more hits from every player! its an opportunity for all of us to get that top 250. Talk with ur officers and see wat they reccomend and if u want i can make more...
  6. we r looking to merge

    hay this is our bonus
    health regain -26%
    Ground Attack +5%
    Infantry Attack +5%
    Infantry Defense +30%
    Ground Defense +20%
    Air Defense +15%
    Sea Defense +10%
    Building Defense +30%
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