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  1. Looking for a home

    Location: Eastern Canada
    Lvl: 130
    Att/def: 20 mill, 18mill
    Iph: 205K
    Not boosted, not in syn.
    Former officer, didn't think some decisions were beneficial to the lower level players. Left syn.
  2. Oct event

    Building.. I'd like to see a funeral home, or abandoned funhouse, funeral home weapon could be undertakers suit, the funhouse could be clown mask possibly.
    Prettyboy 274 623 827
  3. Oops forgot

    Prettyboy 274 623 827
  4. Oct. event

    Possibly do a "trick or Treat" event similar to the CD case,shoebox etc. however put a few random items throughout the buildings in the maps, make it random so no one gets same items/same places....
  5. Weapon/ Boss /battle

    I think it would be neat, since it is Oct. Halloween. To have the Grim Reaper
    As a boss to battle. As for a weapon/vehicle i would like either a Hearse
    Or the Headless Horsemans horse. As for a...
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