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Attention Modern War World here is my story and apology!
Let me start off by saying thank you to all that have had to put up with me through these trying times.
Anyway, a started playing this Game several months ago using the name ELCAPITONE. After a little while I started a second unit on my iPad named Sarge.
After a few weeks I realized that I needed to be in a Faction so I signed joined VALOR. Valor was a SUPER group of guys that were doing very well, nearing the top 250 at the time. Then one day, for whatever the reason the LEADER was MIA. There was mas panic so I started a new Faction called NO DRAMA named after a true DRAMA MAMA ( lol most who know me know whom I am referring to)and few of the Valor guy’s went with me. Just a few days later a good friend talked us into taking over an already established Faction I HATE PIRATES. This is what started it all!!
After taking over the Faction I HATE PIRATES and reading all of the posts on MW forum and seeing SUP’s all over the top of all of the list I was now dead set on using all of the above (and with true feelings) to my advantage in leading a charge to take over the thrown!!!! Yes really!!! Yes no kidding!! We were going to the TOP baby and fast!!!
So the massive recruiting campaign begins and low and behold, right off of the bat, we come across a SUPER group of guys that were struggling a little and they 2 become INSTANT PIRATE HATERS!! So here we go, great group of guys chomping at the bit to rid the Modern World from Pirates!! Arrrggg!!
After a couple of weeks of Very good progress our minds were thinking that strength must be in the numbers so we start a MASSIVE recruiting campaign. (lol, not yet knowing that SUP’s stats were huge and it would take hundreds of $$ in Gold to even beable to knock on their door) But we were VERY convinced and determined.
And so it happened, we grew and grew. Moving up the ladder, finishing near 1000 then near 750, then near 500. Boy we are on a role now. But wait, we still are not close. What is their secret? We must find out to be able to conquer!! So the spying and deceiving began! Slipping into other Factions and Chat rooms. Whatever I could do to find out just how this could be. We were almost 40 strong now and it seemed we should be knocking on the door of the Pirate ship.
Then it really started getting crazy. We learned were their chat rooms were, but only to find out that they knew EVERYTHING about us. Wholly crap, this is crazy, more spying and espionage was needed. And then SUP, s started infiltrating our Faction OMG. It was like being in some crazy ass movie. All the while losing mental sight that it was after all JUST A GAME!
Now I am really at that point. You know the point to where you are side stepping things at work because you have to answer a chat or you have got to beat the Boss or worse OMG we are at WAR!!! O’crap, now there is a bigger problem. The wife is complaining that I am always on my phone or sneaking off to avoid her and the kids so I don’t have to hear the complaining.
OK, I am really there now! You know, MY NAME IS ELCAPITONE and I AM AN ADDICT!!! So I have now been given THE ULTIMATIM! The GAME or the Family! Wow. Crazy I know right. So what do I do? In a mad dash to save face I get with the Officers and explain that hey, my JOB is going to require more of my time so we need to vote in a new LEADER.
That all went ok BUT **** man I had to have my ears and eyes on everything to make sure it was going as planned. As a backup I contacted and old friend that had been in MW for a while and said hey, why don’t you jump in here and run this crew for me! That was a Bad decision. Big backfire, not only is everyone pissed, now a good friend is mad at me also.
Now what to do? The wife is still watching me like a hawk, everyone is pissed. So I jump back in feet first! BIG mistake because now the wife has had it. Knock this **** off now or I am G O N E!
At the same time I am being given a different duty at work so now is my big break to make everyone happy. I announce my resignation from MW once and for all!! So Guess what? I still can’t give it up! I am still sneaking off from the wife and playing as much as I can at work.
Ok, this stuff has GOT to STOP. So I leave the Faction to take a break and joined another Faction and dragged a couple of friends along with me. Did this work you might be thinking? NO it did not, so after another episode with the wife I have decided now that the only way to move forward is to delete the game all together. So I contact Gree support to have them de-activate my game and guess what? The response that I get is sorry but we are not de-activating games at this time. OMG! So now I am really agitated, this game has got to go so I sold ALL of my buildings on both units and went back to IHP and donated the MILLIONS to the faction and said my good buys!
Now a few days later I am thinking man what a waste, someone could really get some use out of these 2 units and sure enough a couple of my friends were really wanting them. At the same time I am being hounded to start a couple of minis, real Boss Killers. So after several hours of trying to figure out the system we finally figured it out. My 2 wales were gone and now instead of thinking of my life and family I have a fresh start!! Wow this could really be something, I now know how to play the game and I could build a couple of nice units. So it was decided that I would come back to IHP, (everyone knowing that my play time was Mon-Thurs, 5:00am-5:00pm because I am now deleting both MW, LINE, and all the snapshots I had taken during the day every evening on my way home)
OK, so here I am back in the game full throttle again with 2 minis in my home Faction. Camping and building my stats nice and slow, ducking in when I can during the weekend getting shots off whenever I can. This really sucks, downloading the game every time and getting in a couple of hits and then deleting all of the evidence as fast as you can.
So now, before wars and Faction Events the new Leader is still having me develop the war plans and organizing everything on the LINE chat and trying to keep everything in order. BUT now I am starting to notice that no matter how good the plan and that everyone has agreed to the plan, the plans were not being followed. A little at first and then came Toppling Turkey. This was a real killer for us. (remember the shortage of crete?)The short version of the plan was to not build any walls but to build them as we went, trying for a streak. DO NOT BUILD any walls unless at least 10 members showed for roll call then go from there. The other main point was, to keep points up declare a rest war after every loss. Well needless to say NOTHING went as planned, our Leader was having some personal issues and I was just staying in the shadows soaking it all in. Everything was going crazy and ALL of the Officers were doing their chronic *****ing as usual.
Ok, Turkey is over, it’s time to start getting things under control. I got with the Leader and officers and we decided to vote on those that needed to go or stay and did so then it was decided by all to develop a firm list of rules that everyone must agree on before coming back into the faction. (for some reason they had started this thing of whacking everyone after each war and lining them up again, mostly to reset the donation log. I don’t know but whatever.) So here we go, they made me Leader and I wacked EVERYONE. For them to get back in they each had to agree on the rules that were in notes on the LINE chat app before I would accept them. Everything is going well, a few officers are back in and I have made them officer again because it is time for me to check out and they could help getting folks back in.
This was the straw that broke the camel’s back, on my way home I am noticing that there is a player that is in that had not agreed to the rules so I ask in chat, hey who has let this guy in without accepting the rules. No answer, so I pm the guy, hey why have u not agreed to the rules like everyone else, Officers included. The response that I receive is as follows, hey, I’m a top 10 player and if I need to agree to rules I don’t need to be here. WOW Hu. So now I’m noticing that someone has got in that ALL of the Officers have just voted no way, he is gone. So now I am really pissed, I’ve got some office that has been *****ing every day that someone is not doing their job letting these people in. So I call them out. I am on LINE cat saying whoever the officer is that is accepting people please identify yourself, no answer, so now I say if you don’t identify yourself or if someone don’t identify you I am going to start turning this place upside down. And with that I did, soon I went in and demoted EVERY OFFICER.
OK, another problem, I am almost home and I have to start deleting everything! O ’well, I’m thinking everyone has seen my chat and it would be best if everyone just chilled for the night anyway. Remember, the war was just over and everyone is tired and cranky anyway.
WOW, what a mistake that was. Can you say mutiny? One of the officers was not very understanding of why HE was demoted and started a rivalry. So by the next evening instead of being 44/44 and needing more room we are setting at 8/44 with 2 of those units belonging to myself and the one bro that stuck with me had 2 units also.
So, now here we are, standing in the sun with our pants down. You may be asking yourself well did you try to reconcile. O ’boy did I, I dropped dear Jane I am so sorry chats in every pm and chat room that any of them were in. I even told all of them that I would be glad to leave just please come back and take care of this Faction! Yea, I did it all, but all was not enough.
So now what? I honestly have no idea; my partner in crime wants to build her back one brick at a time. I don’t have much patience for that. (I am learning though) My wife still hates the game, I can only play Mon-Thurs and most of the good events happen over the weekend. I am just not sure at this time.
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