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Im awesome,funny(clearly since im saying how awesome i am lol)hard working&loyal.i consider myself to be intelligent.of course,im not perfect and am always wanting to learn more in terms of knowledge,life experience&how to better myself on any subject of interest or whatever i encounter in life where i would need to be informed.i am very type"A"and work hard at whatever task im involved in.i dont settle for anything mediocre and wont surround myself or be behind any one or action that isnt right,fair or approached with intelligence.i cant stand conformity and copycat mentality.i do not like or agree with ppl that dont try their best at whatever they encounter.the worst quality about others that bothers me is when they have been given the proper knowledge/advice in a situation that either defines moral charecter or doing whats right and yet decides to continue on after knowing how to change their circumstance for the better,but choosing to remain in the same rutt.i encounter that so often as im great at giving sound advice&take time,effort&great care to lend advice to ppl in my life,then watch them completly repeat the same mistakes wondering what went basically,i dont like insanity or having to suffer thru ppl continuing to show how unintelligent they are when they have the tools and knowledge to make correct not bothered by stupid insignif.things,im more speaking of for example,when a friend needs financial help due to mistakes w/budgeting,i give them a substantial amount of money,but try to teach them while im offering help how to make better financial decisions for them/kids etc..sit thru an hour of advice where they pretend theyll listen,bc why help someone who doesnt want to change what put them in the bind n the first place only to see them continue to do the same stupid crap that got them basically i hate helping ppl who dont wanna help a loving,trustworthy person,im hard on myself,but bc of it succcesful at many things.there isnt much i dont know about or do an expert in sev.fields of study.respect is the most important thing i wish ppl had more of in their views n treatment of me.i treat everyone w/care,respect&kindness yet im not given the same.though im very knowledgable on many levels,im very humble n my life.i dont ever want to appear as a know it all and if i ever talk of any subject,advice etc..i never speculate.if i dont know,i say i dont know.i dont need to be all knowing or the center of biggest desire in life is for the ppl i put all my time&care into to value me&be glad im in their lives.everyone wants to matter,but ive never felt i do.i grew up in an abusive household,have endured alot of pain by ppl i love&one of the things ive always bn motivated by was to make ppl proud of beautiful inside&out but yet im never the one likely to be paid attention to or thought always the one sacrificing for others but noone ever considers expected to do alot,have bn used more than respected&while i may look like a typical person that has it all on the outside,im really the hardest on myself,even more than the expectations others have of me can cause.alot of ppl want money,convenience,things.ive just wanted friendship,respect, talented in many ways.i like to draw,paint,design and ive been a very talented vocalist my entire life.many ppl ask why i dont persue singing or want to be famous,but they dont know that i at one time sang professionally and had the connections&ability to be a star and chose to be a mommy instead.its more important to me that im there for my daughter than to be noticed as a singer.i believe in God and hate how so many ppl live for selfish reasons,worldly things and dont have moral standards much these days.i enjoy playing games but overall despise technology,social media&how it seperates ppl from whats important
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singing,drawing,design,doing hair&makeup(im a well trained makeup artist/stylist)casino games
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at my house.not going to say&dont think its relevant.


Dont settle for the least when u deserve the best.youll think ur going w/the flow&simply remaining preacefully indifferent,but will end up just losing sight of who u r,what u believe in&will only add to the problem instead of paving the road to solution&better standards


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