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big fat dad
08-22-2014, 08:50 AM
I must say, I am schocked what happend to the game recently!
1. pop up windows with info about rewards after WDs,
2. lower energy needed for faction targets,
3. a bunch of new type of bonuses during WDs and factions missions,
3a. personal reward after WDs!
4. now seeing top 20.000 faction with a reward for WD event! with BONUS!!!

Still missing are:
1. bonuses like: -15% less time for upgrade or two upgrades at one time or sth for health regen during boss raids,
2. more strategic approach to Frontline. some good ideas were written on the Forum recently,
3. some kind of chance for lower stats soldiers not to loose pace with big guns...maybe frozen bosses stats?
4. why not add new cash/valors units every 3/6months?
5. why not do LTB for begginers and prestige at one time?
6. Why not inform IN ADVANCE about rewards for each event?
7. give the vice-leader to the faction?

08-22-2014, 09:07 AM
I totally agree with you but thats not how greedy likes to film there pockets

bam bam.
08-22-2014, 09:23 AM
You can fill your pockets honestly...especially with a product that sells itself. Wat has slipped between now and wen this game was number 1 is ethics. We all know right and wrong. Read the last few months of threads then read threads from the early days. Mistakes had acknowledgement and ownership in the early days with compensation paid as a sincere apology swiftly.

Now mistakes are the norm. A "display issue" in the old days would of had a swift apology n 50 gold to all players (costing the company $0 and lifting community spirit as we were once respected). Every other event is bug filled. Still waiting on confirms for all gold purchases.

There is no "yep, sorry guys, we effed up...we'll endeavour to see this doesnt happen again".
Now we get "not our fault, we'll pass it onto the devs" who will never apologise nor seek to make it right. We do get a Standby.............................then about 4 months and 12 bug filled events later the issue will b addressed and Not fixed, then the following update the new issues and actual bug will b corrected.

Is there no pride in ones work any more. Where did all the Professionals go. Is making a profit really enough?. We all can make money dishonestly but I tell u wat, I couldnt sleep right if I did. Wen I make it legit, man i sleep like an angel.

08-22-2014, 10:01 AM
Amen Bam bam

08-22-2014, 10:05 AM
Keeping it positive I am happy to see a flurry of activity going on in the change sector. Are there still things that can be improved? Sure but there always be. I'm happy to see them listening and implementing some GREAT changes that have been a long time coming. Thanks for the recent updates!!!!!!!!!!!!

08-22-2014, 10:37 AM
There have been some nice graphical tweeks made to the game now we can see the prize we are going for instead of having to come here and check a thread to see if it's worth it. We still have to come here to see if the final prize is worth the whole push so as pretty as the single prize is it really doesn't tell us anything we need.

The inventory sort is a huge boost although still oddly missing is 'what is in my army' sort... This was around during the Full assault days and went missing again when they put inventory sort into the game yet this was the single most requested sort. Second was newest item, thanks for that.

Don't even talk about pop up windows. I just got one for the last WD war from 5 days ago. I have opened the game and force closed at least 20 times and even un-installed and re-installed it. still I'm getting a splash screen from Monday. The only splash screens that are not random are raid boss I get 2 every time someone pulls and kills a level 5 boss, Often my device will freeze and crash due to too many splash screens.

The 'Collect random buildings' button. This might work but buildings rarely show raided so it collects whatever isn't showing raided. Sometimes I get a banner saying I've had a specific building raided but it may take 5 restarts for that to show up in the game. If i hit the collect all button before I manage to make it show up correctly it will collect and reset my raided buildings. This is such an easy to re-produce error I can't imagine why it takes so long to fix it. But I'm still sure we are not looking at correct info when we look at the individual rewards screen during WD either. Guess we can find out during this short WD. Maybe it's like an extra beta.

Yes gree has made a few tiny changes to graphical displays and added a sort function but the Attack and Defense points are still un-connected and game play remains hampered by bugs while hacking continues un-controlled. Lots of real work to do before this game is marketable. But that won't stop people from paying for it.

08-22-2014, 12:01 PM
Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Change does come slowly over time. The teams are still working on more improvements and features. We'll get there; it'll just take some time. Thanks everyone.

08-22-2014, 12:03 PM
Still to many events. Need to alternate a few every cycle not all! I'd like to see a Rb or a boss and a frontline or a WD each 3-4 week cycle not all 4! Plus only on event at a time. To many guys getting burned out.