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08-04-2014, 05:35 PM
Hello players and welcome to the official GREE games forums. These forums have been created to provide you with a fun, friendly, constructive place to share your experiences, seek and provide advice, meet other players, discuss ideas, and reach out for assistance. We want everyone to have a safe place to post and discuss about GREE games while understanding that these forums are for the entire community. Posting to these forums is a privilege and not a right. In order to help us maintain this goal and atmosphere, we ask you to conduct yourself in a civilized and respectful manner.

Below you will find forum rules and guidelines in which you are expected to read and abide. While these are not exhaustive, GREE’s forum staff, moderators, and admins will have full discretion to address any behavior that is deemed inappropriate and/or a violation of these rules/guidelines. Any posts found to be in violation of the following are subject, but not limited, to being locked, deleted, and/or moved. The poster is then subject to disciplinary actions, which may result in a temporary or permanent ban from these forums. GREE International Inc. reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend your account to the forums for reasons listed, but not limited to, the following rules/guidelines.

Please keep in mind that all rules and guidelines are subject to change at anytime.

General Guidelines

The following are some basic guidelines to help you help us keep an awesome atmosphere here in the forums.

Keep post constructive
o The forums are created with the purpose to have constructive and productive conversations about GREE games.

Be courteous and respectful
o You may not agree with every post made here on the forums, but you will discuss matters in a civil manner. Drive constructive and productive conversations.

Invite Codes and Faction Recruitment
o Please keep these items to the designated sections of the forums. Do not spam or make off-topic post in other threads.

Build Relationships
o The forums are amazing place to meet people who share your passion for GREE games. Get in there and make friends!

Rules and Restrictions

The following categories are types of content/behavior that are prohibited from the forums. This list maybe changed at any time without notice and is at the GREE staff’s full discretion.

Abusive and/or Disrespectful Content towards other Players and Staff.
o This may include but is not limited to:
o Flaming
o Trolling
o Insults, harassment, or defamatory remarks
o Remarks based on race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, culture, nationality, and gender
o Personal threats, attacks, and abuse
o Inappropriate language/links/images or abbreviations of these. *Yes, that includes symbols in place of letters and slang.

Obscene, Vulgar, and Inappropriate Text/Images/Links
o This may include masked or blatant posts depicting:
o Posts including links and images that are considered objectionable
o Swearing. This includes abbreviated forms and slang.
o Anything alluding to the depiction of anything that has pornographic nature
o Inappropriate depictions of the human body or bodily functions

Racial, Ethnic, Nationality Posts
o This is any masked or blatant posts that include text/links/images referencing:
o Recognized symbols, slurs, or remarks
o Promotion of racial/ethnic/national hatred

Politics and Religion/Religious Figures
o This includes any masked or clear posts depicting:
o Discussion portraying any political or religious figures
o Discussion portraying any religion or political stance

Naming and Shaming
o This includes masked and blatant post including:
o Posting any negative text or imagery including a player’s name or information
o Calling out a player for doing any activity you disagree

Off-Topic, Spamming, and Trolling
o This includes, but is not limited to:
o The excessive use of a single/similar word or phrase
o Posting of jibberish
o Creation of topics with the sole purpose of causing unrest in the forums
o Off-topic posting
o Posting of threads that already exist within the forum (please use the search feature when available.)
o “Bumping” threads
o Causing disturbances within threads such as posting comments that derail the conversation or picking fights
o Making posts with non-constructive topics
o Creation of posts to discuss reports or violations
o Abusing the report feature with ‘false alarms’ or for pure revenge or harassment
o Petition or polls not aimed at providing a constructive conversation
o Numbering a thread, “First”, “Post before deletion”, or any other fad statement
o Creating post to cross link to another existing post
o “Hi-jacking” threads

Illegal Activities
o This category includes:
o Discussions on cheats, hacks, or malicious viruses or programs
o Threads or posts discussing unreleased content/hacked data files or any data not available during regular gameplay
o Illegal drugs or activities. Forum users are expected to follow local and international laws. Any masked or clear language/links/images posts including such activities can be edited/deleted by the staff’s discretion.
o If you would like to report one of these issues, please contact support with the following information.
• Name
• Level of the player
• Brief description of ToS violation or hack
• Screenshots
• Please make a comment on accused player’s wall to help us locast the account.

Releasing Real-Life Information and Real-Life Threats
o This category includes masked and blatant depictions of:
o Any personal information yours or any other user such as email, social media, address, or phone number
o Text/links/imagery that refers to any violence in any capacity not directly related to the game world.

o Any non-beneficial, non-GREE related business, organization, or website will not be permitted within the GREE forums. This includes discussion, text, images, links, and videos.

Real Money Trading, Account sharing, and selling
o Buying or selling accounts for real money or in-game currency
o Buying or selling services, in-game currency, promotional codes, etc.

Discussion of locked threads or moderation action. Circumventing a Ban/Suspension
o Creation of accounts to post
o Having another player post on your behalf


All other guidelines and rules are posted under this section.

o Post with “CrAzy CaPS”, “ALL CAPS”, tiny or overly large fonts are prohibited. Please keep text font and colors easy for users and staff to read.
o Conducting conversations in foreign languages, outside of designated forums
o Excessive whitespace or punctuation
o Using misleading topics titles
o Non-standard/offensive characters and emoticons

Links and Images
o Please note that all links and images must also follow the above rules. Please double check before posting; if you are in doubt, don’t post it or ask.

Names, Avatars, Profile Pictures, Videos, Images and Signatures
o All of the above must abide by the above restrictions.
o Staff reserves the right to remove any of these items that do not meet these standards.

Staff and Moderators
o Abuse towards any GREE staff or moderator will not be tolerated.
o Impersonation of any GREE staff or moderator will result in an immediate and possibly permanent ban of your forum account.
o We reserve the right to edit or remove any post/image/etc. at anytime for any reason.


All users must abide by our Terms of Service and this Forum Code of Conduct. Any user that fails to follow the above guideline will be subject to disciplinary action that may result in a temporary or permanent ban from these forums. Repeat violations of GREE’s Terms of Service and/or Forum Code of Conduct will result in a permanent ban from these forums.

Remember, we are here to provide a safe and constructive atmosphere for all community members. Thank you all for your cooperation. If you have any questions, please contact an administrator.

http://product.gree.net/us/en/terms = Terms of Service