View Full Version : Making building defence and building defence boosts relevant.

Danger Mouse
07-08-2014, 08:17 PM
Hi Tadaaah,

Here's an idea to take back to Gree if there are any moves to make building defence more relevant in the game, which we suspect from the release of a building defence 10% boost unit for completing the latest LTB.

Given you can get 25K+ defence for about $15million in game cash now for a unit, this should form the benchmark for what you get upgrading a defence building for $15 million. Given buildings are indestructible, maybe charge a premium for in game cash upgrade costs to get the same defence score as you would get for a destructible unit.

But pay $50 million to upgrade a defence building for 150 defence points as it currently stands???

Times that by 100 and you get $50 million to upgrade to 15k defence.

Suddenly that looks like something everyone would want to do and keeps defence buildings relevant into the future. By relevant I mean for the great bulk of MW players. If you've already priced yourself out of the market spending thousands in top 50 factions, well, that's another matter isn't it.

A benefit of this to Gree would be that suddenly everyone down the pack is going to need all those attack boosts they put out in order to raid, so those events where attack boost is the prize becomes more attractive to everyone.

All it takes is for one Gree code writer to up building defence stats by a factor of 100 at least, in whatever master array you keep of all building data that the code references. That's it. Simple.

So why not do it?