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Danger Mouse
07-08-2014, 05:44 PM
Hi Tadaaah

It's great that you are posting event details prior to the event release. This is immensely appreciated.

What would be great is a comprehensive list of what's required and what each unit prize is so people can plan their strategies and target what resources they will bring to bear on the event.

For instance - The overall wrapper prize for the FLTQ and ILTQ combined is one thing, but what is the prize for completing the ILTQ in prestige? No one knows, there's no banners announcing it, we are shooting in the dark, yet Gree has it and haven't released it in the forums.

As a suggestion of the info that would be fantastic for Gree to release before each event, take a look at the walthroughs that forum members take upon themselves to put out in the absence of information from Gree. Gree must have all these details tabulated somewhere for each and every event when each event is planned, so why not release it? We all understand that things are not written in stone and may change, but surely they won't change within 24 hours before event release, so post all the information to the forums then.

It's all about full disclosure. You're asking us to spend (a lot of) money without any clear understanding of what we are buying. If we had the info to hand, then I'm sure you would see a pick up in sales as people shoot for the targets they want.

Cheers Tadaaah,


bam bam.
07-09-2014, 10:04 AM
Dreaming mate. Nice try