View Full Version : Clash of Clan group with effective commnication + activity

05-28-2014, 10:35 AM
Hello everyone,

Crime Lords United decided on creating a fun group clan for Clash of Clan, and we would like to invite the people of Crime City into the world of Clash of Clan with us. If you happen to play Clash of Clan and would like to join a friendly clan, then just send me a message. For effective communication, we use LINE, though it is not a requirement, but this is where you can enjoy the our chat and receive a faster respond. Why? Because our current syndicate uses this app, and thus, we will most likely see it.

Current Info of our clan:
9/50, about to be 10/50, members all use LINE to effectively communicate.
Name of Clan: CLU (probably might consider renaming it eventually....)
Stress Level: None, just have fun and assist on donating + war battles
Current Level Range: From level 12 to level 75 (we accept anyone that just want to clash and could effectively communicate to each other

Anymore question or if you want to get in: Send me a PM or add drfett on LINE to chat with me.

Come, we welcome all Crime City players (at the moment) to join and have fun.