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03-06-2014, 05:58 PM
Hey guys, figured we would put together a quick Q/A guide for the upcoming Full Assault event for easier reference.

Q: Will this replace World Domination?
A: No, this event will coexist with the other event types.

Q: Do you have to participate?
A: The event is entirely opt-in similar to Raid Boss and World Domination. This one is going to involve a lot of fun strategy though, and the prizes will be great.

Q: So the units that are deployed are consumed permanently?
A: Yes, and we knew that this feature would raise some eyebrows. The truth is though, almost everyone who has been playing the game for any length of time accumulates a ton of units that they do not actually use in their army. As their stats grow, this "backlog" of unused units grows larger. One of THE most persistent requests in the last two years has been a way for players to utilize their unused units somehow, and this feature does that. It is additionally going to make a lot of mechanics in the game more "useful", and it is going to potentially open up new avenues of design. That's pretty exciting.

Q: If I deploy "indestructible" units, will they be gone permanently?
A: Yes, although this is not necessarily a negative (those of you who have "grown out of" your ancient crate and LE units, take note). Choose your units carefully, and there will be confirm buttons. This info will also be in the FAQ and in-game.

Q: Will there be a confirm button that pops up when deploying units to prevent accidental deploys?
A: Yes. We want people to be sure before they commit their units to deployment. Also, the feature that sorts your units in the deploy screen automatically prioritizes your "unused" units.

Q: How do the points work again?
A: We'll give more specific mechanic-info as we get closer, but you get points for controlling one or more nodes at the end of a 10-minute battle. You do not get points if you do not control a node, but the matches are scored every ten minutes so there is a good deal of room for strategic maneuvering and point gain over the course of a 30-minute war and the event as a whole.

Q: How many nodes are in each map?
A: Five.

Q: Will you be extending the Live Chat to the rest of the game?
A: Not at this time. We know that a lot of our players already use live chat apps during WD events to coordinate; full implementation in the game is tricky but given the necessity for coordination in this event type, we wanted to make sure it was available for Full Assault.

Q: How will matchup between factions work? Will they be completely random?
A: Probably similar to WD in terms of recent efforts trying to make the match-ups as reasonable as possible.

Q: How will it work for lower factions and players with low stats, if they lose units.. There stats drop too?
A: Looking at the player base as a whole, it is more common to have unused units than not, and that will get worse with time. Also, this will give us some leeway to provide better stat-items more commonly (which will also get newer players up to "able to participate" status faster), while still granting a strong benefit to the people who have been around for longer.

Q: If we don't declare war, we would never go to war?
A: It will be the same as WD. Also, this is important, under no circumstances will anybody but you have control over what or when you deploy units.

Q: Are the prizes going to be tier-based too?
A: No, war reward is based on how many points you got during that war. Event reward is based on how many points you got during event. We don't take tier into account to give reward. This means that you don't get any better rewards even if you beat higher rank or much stronger guilds.

Q:If you deploy a unit that has a bonus, will you loose that bonus?
A: Yes, if you deploy you will receive the following warnings:

Units that are not in your army = (1) units deployed in this event are gone forever
Units that are in your army = 2 warnings (1) above (2) WARNING: this unit belongs to your army
Units that are in your army and have a bonus = 3 warnings (1) above (2) above (3) WARNING: This unit has a bonus, this bonus will be removed.

Just to clarify, the first warning is a generalized warning that is seen once per event.

You see the second warning if you queue up a unit that's in your army.

You see the third warning again if the unit is in your army, and "does have a bonus".

Finally, you will only see the third warning if it's not in your army, but "does have a bonus"

Q: Do your personal and/or faction bonuses count for the strength of units you deploy at nodes?
A: Your personal and/or faction bonuses do not count for the strength of units which you deploy at nodes

Q: Will factions be locked?
A: You cannot change factions during the Full Assault event. You can join a faction if you are not currently in one. If you leave a faction you will not be able to join another faction and you can leave by choice but not be removed by the leadership.

Q: Is there any kind of individual awards being discussed that can be commented on for potential feedback?
Is deployment regen time linked to the health regen bonus like bosses and wd?"
A: The Full Assault event does not currently have individual rewards, but this may be included in the near future.

Q: Will health regeneration and deploy regeneration being linked?
A: Health regeneration and deploy regeneration will not be linked

Q: Will it still be possible to buy cash and valor units once the event is active?
A: The store will not be locked so you will be able to purchase cash and valor units

Q: What is the duration of the live event?
A: The duration of the event is 30 minutes long; 6 short battles, 5 minutes each.

Q: What is the ranking system based on?
A: The "End-of-War" prizes are awarded according to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes.

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Thanks to everyone!!