View Full Version : You take back hacked uzis, but not hacked bonuses.

02-17-2014, 10:20 PM
Why, GREE?

No, I didn't buy hacked uzis and no, I kept the time-travelers away from my syn. I still have to compete with all these hacked together syns. Every time I get into a discussion with a new member about their old syn, I'm able to add another syn to my list of cheaters that are getting 15% more IP than we are.

Since you are obviously going to keep letting them have their IP and Atk bonuses that were purchased with hacked money, does that mean that I get a free pass if I find a fix for my "problem" (my problem... you know, being a moron who didn't jump on the glitch boat with everyone else and do what was needed to compete with all the other cheaters that you let cheat)?

Sorry for the rant, but at least once a month someone spills the beans on an old syndicate and adds a new syn name to my list of who GREE lets steal my ranking. It's hard to get over it when I keep finding out that I appear to be almost the only one who knew how to and didn't. Lesson learned. Glitch when you find out how, or fall behind. GREE sure doesn't care.

02-17-2014, 10:31 PM
Being a gold spender has its perks.