View Full Version : HIGH END ACCT FREE AGENTS... give us a look

J Dunn
01-22-2014, 12:19 PM
Free agents looking for a great new group to call home but still want solid results, consider Sands of Time, we cleaned out numerous accts of inactives and are looking for individuals who wanna kick butt along w enjoying the ppl you play with. We would like 10+ mill stats strictly so u can participate in the wars and 100k+ output would be nice as well. We finished just outside of T25(29) and want to field a team for next war to begin quest as a consistent T25. Send me a PM now, as we have the 15+ openings awaiting and would consider a solid merger for sure as well.

If you're a heavy hitter looking to take a step back from gold wars, perfect, myself and a handful of guys have done just that w this group and may be the perfect spot for you.

TOP notch boosts
Def Maxed
Attk Maxed
Cash Maxed
Guild 58

Can find me on Line w ID 4295669
Groupme @ jbradleydunn@yahoo.com

I look forward to speaking w you, Happy Gaming.