View Full Version : Top 1500 searching for extreme hyperactive playaz

bravo 6 vk
12-30-2013, 05:59 AM
Hello, we have a top 1500 syndicate named Pain in a Chamber.

What we can offer you:
-6/6 on boss events
-70+ bonuses
-Easy and normal mode completed on raid boss and SLTQ.
-Drama free and friendly atmosphere.
-Atleast 3x iph donations everyday (not forced) and gun donations.

What we want:
-Full activity in all syn-based events.
-10k+ IP in wars
-KakaoTalk app for laughs and co-ordination!

This is the perfect place to relax and have fun!
PM me for more info or for joining!

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!
NOTE: We are not interested in mergers into other syndicates, they can come to us!

bravo 6 vk
12-31-2013, 04:49 AM
Mergers only into us!