View Full Version : Two-Year Anniversary Community Event!!

12-10-2013, 05:47 PM
Hey all,

This December marks the second anniversary of Modern War. As part of the celebration for this, we are holding a special community event to recognize players that have gone above and beyond in the game or the community. The main thread for this event is in General here: http://www.funzio.com/forum/showthread.php?77049-Two-Year-Anniversary-Community-Event!! , but we are posting in announcements as well to let everyone know. Here's how it works:

What we would like you to do is nominate another player or forum member who you feel has gone above and beyond for you, or for your faction, or for other players in general, and we would like you to tell us the details. Out of all nominations, the MW team will select 10 winners and 5 honorable mentions to be given an awesome in-game prize as recognition for their efforts to the game and/or other players. The top 10 will get a special unique prize.

Some examples of why you would nominate someone:

A faction leader or officer without whom your faction would not have placed in a WD event.

A forum member or player who has constantly given good advice or collected valuable information for other players.

Someone you met through the game who has helped you greatly, or made a serious difference in your own play or life.

Those are just examples though. If you can think of someone who deserves an award, tell us, and tell us why. This contest will be open until December 24th, so make sure you put your nomination in before then. Winners will be decided, announced and awarded at the end of the month.

Additional Rules:

1: Nominations need to go in the version of this thread in the General Section: http://www.funzio.com/forum/showthread.php?77049-Two-Year-Anniversary-Community-Event!!

2: Please do not nominate yourself. That will result in a disqualification.

3: Please mention the player's in-game name or forum handle so that we can locate them in the system.

4: Please give us as much detail as possible on why you think this person deserves an award.

5: We reserve the right to increase the number of honorable mentions depending on the number and quality of the nominations. The Top 10 will still get an exclusive grand prize though.

6: Please do not nominate multiple people.

7: Multiple nominations from different don't give multiple chances to win, but they may get our attention.

8: Please don't be rude about anyone else's nomination choice.