View Full Version : PATCH NOTES. Go to your app store and download the update NOWWWWWWW!

12-05-2013, 07:57 PM
Hello, hello,

Sooo, I get the vibe that some of you are mad because I've been gone for a while. We'll, we've been pretty busy and I'm sorry. However, its been for a good cause. The new update is finally here with added features such as an improved arena, even more armor slots and self-service account transfers so you don't have to wait to transfer your account or miss out on guild wars. Wooo!


**NEW & IMPROVED Arena Tournaments! More Challenge! More Glory! More Rewards! Check it out!

**NEW! Text your friends and invite them to play Knights and Dragons!

**NEW! Account Transfer! Transfer your account instantly to another device! Check out the Account Transfer option in our NEW & IMPROVED Options Menu!

**IMPROVED! High Level Players can now have up to 80 Armors at once!

**NEW! Swipe to Collect Battle Rewards!

**New & Improved Epic Boss Rewards!

**Armors NOW Available for Fusion:
•Featherblade Battlegear
•Trollforge Platemail
•Soulshard Raiment
•Scorchstone Aegis
•Epic! Tectonic Mantle
•Epic! Maelstrom Irons

**Happy Holidays! New Holiday Icon!

**Misc Bug Fixes & Optimizations

Season Greetings and a Happy New Year to all our loyal Knights & Dragons Players! Thanks for playing and here’s to more EPIC fun in 2014!