View Full Version : Crime City's 1st Raid Boss!

10-31-2013, 02:17 PM
We're about to start our newest event, the Raid Boss. Raid bosses work similar to epic bosses, except in this case all of your syndicate is involved. Raid bosses can be summoned using the illegal automatics which have been dropping for the past few months. These items need to be donated first to your syndicate. Once donated your leader can use them to summon the boss.

Once summoned you and your syndicate members have 2 hours in which to defeat the boss. You can summon multiple levels of the boss at once. You can also summon the same level of the boss over and over.

There are multiple different items you can win for a boss defeat. Here are just a few of the prizes that can be won:


Now it's time to defeat raid boss Ixtab!