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10-09-2013, 12:27 PM
Tired of drama, in-fighting, arrogant and condescending leaders and officers making constant demands and threats? Or maybe you are tired of doing all the work while others sit back and get prizes? Perhaps you like more organization and strategy? If any of these apply to you or you just don't feel like your current faction feels like home then give the SEC a try.

We are a rapidly improving and growing faction consistently around top 300 in wars and most events. We also do very well in all recent FTLQ's and get the top prizes. Most of our faction has increased from around 400k to 600k just since the last war a few weeks back. By that I mean they gained that amount in just a few short weeks. We have several players below level 100 with stats well over 1 million and some HLP around 3 million.

We are an eclectic adult group of players with a great sense of humor. Many of us are actual S.E.C. fans and alumnae but we welcome members from all over the planet. We use an outside chatting app and are extremely social. You must be willing to use Palringo though to join our faction. We have a lot of fun with auto correct in the app so the war factory upgrade became our whore factory and ran with that joke. If you are an adult that is tired of your current faction because it just isn’t fun or doesn’t feel like a family I hope you will hear me out and reply in this thread or send me a private message.

We have a great and active core group of guys. I know everyone wants to be in a top 100 team so it is tough to recruit players below that level but let me offer a few reasons why this might be a good move.

As I already stated we have a lot of fun socially. Let’s face it if this game was simply about collecting pixelated tanks and planes most of us would have stopped playing long ago. The social and friend aspect is why most of us enjoy playing and we offer that in abundance. It is far better to be on an active team where you can also have fun and also enjoy chatting than in one that makes you feel like a slave where you are given orders and demands made on you every single day with the constant threat of being booted.

We are very serious players and understand how to play and have a great strategy and system in place. We treat each other with respect and do not tolerate drama or insults but encourage good humor and having fun and good-natured ribbing. We understand this is a game after all and needs to be fun to be engaging and keep you interested.

Here is what we are looking for besides the obvious aspects of being active. Someone that has an attack and defense score that measures up to their level. Currently that seems to be about 4,000 times your level. All levels are welcome as long as you stats match your level and you will do your part with donations, help with faction events and wars. Whether you are new or a veteran you are welcome. Gold is completely optional and up to you. Donations depend on your IPH but are expected to help all of us with bonuses. Ideally you should have an attack score of 4,000 times your level but we will help you improve very rapidly and will consider players that do not meet this requirement but are willing to grow their stats quickly.

If you are looking for more than just a ranking and actually a new group of friends than this might be the place for you. Please hurry since these 2 spots will be filled rapidly. PM me if interested and include your Attack/Defense and level and your Game Name and Alliance ID.

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