View Full Version : Useless Complaining

Jay Teez
09-19-2013, 06:49 AM
Just thought I'd give my two cents about all the recent complaining about some of the moves by GREE and changes to the game. I too believe that some of the most recent moves made, particularly with the last war, ha e been handled poorly and many people spent "useless gold". I understand the frustration with the changes to the boss event as well. I would like to point out though that if you are a heavy gold spender you really only have yourself to blame for being screwed over. When you choose to buy gold it is up to you how to spend it. They sell you gold, not a top 10 spot. I know GREE wants to make sure their gold buyers are happy as they should but many people are feeling extremely entitled because they are heavy gold spenders. Personally I think it is ridiculous the amount of money some people are dropping on this GAME. I'm not saying you shouldn't be upset, voicing your opinion is the only way the game gets better, but I do think some people have gone a little overboard. This is a game people. If you have that much invested in this whether it is time or money that you feel as cheated and robbed as much as it sounds maybe you should reasses what you give to the game.

Feel free to bash me. Just thought I'd get it out there. I think I speak for many free players when I say these things. I'm sorry several people have been "cheated" lately. I certainly do not approve of many of the recent moves either but this is only a game and I for one am not going to let it ruin my life like apparently how some people feel.