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08-20-2013, 07:32 AM
Good morning everyone! I am recruiting for the Navy SEAL's. We are a tight-knit group that has been around since Brazil. We have maxed our health regen also! We have never been out of the top 250, and have been top 150 in the last 4 wars!

The catch is... we just had 15 players move into a top 50 faction that requires a lot of gold spending. So we are rebuilding and want solid daily players who love to joke around and have fun. We have 24 dedicated players remaining and we can easily hit top 750 in the next war. We want to fill 15-17 spots currently...

We are not a fly by night group... we have one rule: HAVE FUN!

We do want commitment in our group (20k WD points), and small donation requirements (1 mil per day), as well as having good stats for your level. Looking for Level 40-100. We all laugh together and enjoy the times during battle and between battles.

We have members who do 300k WD points and members that do 20k. We only ask that you be active and PARTICIPATE in every war.

Our leader loves to have fun and our motto is "TEAMWORK, Not Gold Spending"

We have some light gold spenders, and some completely free players. I personally got 42k WD points without any gold at all.

If you are interested, please PM me first on this forum and I will give the code. Also, ADD me as an ally in game and contact me there, "ACE 973-586-138"

We share intel with an alliance of over 10 teams to maximize WD points and also participate in groupme for a faction chatroom.

We have over 10 spots open for ACTIVE players!! WE HAVE 44 Bonuses!

Health Regen -26% (MAXED)
Ground Attack +10%
Infantry Attack +10%
Infantry Defense +25%
Ground Defense +25%
Air Defense +15%
Sea Defense +15%
Building Defense +20%
Building Output +15%
Guild Member Increase +22

Looking for:

Level 40-100 Players
Have A/D Stats of 1.5-2 times your level (RAW)
Be ready to chat a lot and communicate. War is only as effective as its strategy.
Donate all bricks and 5 mil per week.

Faction ID: 133849473

Be ready for FUN. We value family and friendship. We that remain are in for the long haul and will see top 750, maybe top 500 in India!

16 spots open!

08-20-2013, 10:24 AM
15 spots remaining...

08-20-2013, 12:13 PM
14 Spots... Filling fast