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08-07-2013, 08:55 AM
We still have 3 openings to complete our 44 member team for the upcoming Canadian WD Event. We are group of free active players (a couple play gold during these events) that have placed between 378 and 665 in the past five WD events. With holidays and vacations largely behind us we are looking to finish back in the Top 400 and hopefully make a run at Top 250.

Gather up 2 of your mates and send me a PM. We are looking for players willing to participate in a team environment. That means power attacking the D-Leader, hitting the wall or scouting to help the team succeed.

Our requirements are quite simple:
1. Communicate - English isn't your first language, it doesn't matter, it hasn't helped me.
2. Donate - we don't have some rich uncle funding our bonuses. Our goal is $10,000 per level per day (ie lvl 100 player would donate $1,000,000) plus all those concrete blocks!
3. Participate - There are all kinds of events, and we don't want you to burn out. But we are looking for people that are active in playing the game. Min standards are 5K WD points for those hitting DLeader, 10K points for those taking out walls and 15K points for scouts.

What do we offer in return.
1. You'll find out who's Otto!
2. You'll find out how to pronounce ULLR!
3. meet some nice enough people from all over the world (mostly North America and Europe)
4. You'll get to share in the following bonuses:

Health: 26% regeneration
Air: 25% defense / 5% attack
Ground: 30% defense / 10% attack
Sea: 15% defense
Infantry: 30% defense / 15% attack
Building: 30% defense / 20% output

PM me if interested!
Otto's Army Faction ID: 936350400

Thank you for your consideration,
Player ID: 742187651

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We have 1 opening left!

08-08-2013, 01:50 AM
Still with one opening