View Full Version : top 876 in australia faction are recruiting as we try to improve....

07-23-2013, 04:19 PM
Royal Marine Commandos are recruiting non-gold and gold members to help us from top 876 into top 500....activity and fun are also important to us...If you're interested let me know... the leader's code is 706-928-518 & faction code is 433-083-386.

These are our bonuses:

🔋Health Regen: (-25%)
⚡Ground Attack: (+5%)
🔰Infantry Attack: (+10)%
🔰Infantry Defense: MAX (+30%)
⚡Ground Defense: (+25%)
✈Air Defence: (+20%)
⚓Sea Defence: (+15%)
🏢Building Defence: MAX (+30%)
💰Building Output: (+5%)
👥Guild Member Increase (+18)

Whilst donations are not a must they are expected as often as possible however palringo chat app and kik messenger app are MUSTS!