View Full Version : iOS Update 3.7.1 Bugs

07-10-2013, 09:52 AM
Hello everyone,

As you may know, we released a new version of the game yesterday, version 3.7.1. We have discovered a couple of small but noticeable bugs after the release.

Rotating buildings makes them disappear
All buildings now appear in the default orientation
All decorations appear to be gone
A small percentage of players are unable to connect with our servers.

We already have a fix submitted to Apple that will correct these issues; as soon as Apple approves our submission, the fix will be available to download. In the meantime, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Try not to move your buildings at all. Just hold off until the 3.7.2 fix is out.
Reloading/relaunching the game will make the rotated/disappeared buildings reappear in the default rotation (simply leaving your base then returning doesn't fix it)
Decorations aren't actually gone (they've just all been relocated to the very top of the screen)
If you tried to move buildings while using version 3.7.1, when you update to version 3.7.2 you might see some weird stacking issues where buildings and decorations are overlapping. These can be moved back however you like (i.e. if you moved a building to where there was previously a decoration)
Once you download MWiOS version 3.7.2 with the fixes, everything should appear as it did before.

Thank you everyone for your patience! We plan on getting everything back to normal asap!