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Assault and Flattery
07-02-2013, 05:48 PM
Hi everyone,

We wanted to send a quick message to you all regarding a fix we are going to be pushing out that will fix a bug in the game.

We are fixing a bug in some of the code dealing with alliance size. This bug could allow people to display having more alliance members than they actually have, which could also cause inflated stats. This was causing a lot of other little bugs as well. Keep in mind that the cap is at 500 alliance (when you hit level 100). This is how the game has always worked. This will not affect those of you who have modifier items that give you +5 alliance , +3 alliance , etc.

If you currently have more than 1000 allies, the extras will be removed. No real people will be removed, but grunts will be. If you have 500 real people and 500 grunts , the grunts will be removed. If you have over 1000 real people, nobody will be removed, but only 500 count towards your stats. If you have under 500 allies, there is no change. As stats are related to alliance size, that means that for some players who had an inaccurately high alliance size, stats will likely be reduced. This may not happen until the game needs to calculate your stats, so try attacking someone first to see the changes. Keep in mind that this is only a display issue - your stats have always been calculated in the same way when determining battle resolution, regardless of inflated allies.

This change will also mean more transparency when finding targets to attack and raid. However, please keep in mind that skill points are and have always been a factor, so looking at someone's stats to see if you can beat them or not isn't always as cut and dry as it seems. Skill points are NOT displayed in your overall stats, nor your opponents. They are also not displayed after battle resolution. Also, if the other player has a modifier item that changes alliance size (either yours or theirs), this is NOT displayed in their profile stats, but will be shown after an attempted attack or raid is made.

We think the amount of affected players will be relatively small, but we wanted to message this to our players first to let you know about the change and why we are making it. We apologize for any frustration this causes, as we know players work hard to improve their stats, and any decreases can be very disappointing. More importantly, however, we also want to make sure we are fostering a fun and fair game experience for our players, and we believe this fix will help do that.

Thanks for your ongoing support and patience as we work to improve the game!