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Assault and Flattery
05-10-2013, 01:07 PM
Hey guys!

We want to help get player feedback and questions to our developers. Please add them here. We値l close the thread in a few days and once we have feedback from our teams we値l create another thread with the replies. We want it to be constructive and concise so we値l focus on the top 5 to 10 questions/feedback.

05-10-2013, 01:49 PM
Hey guys!

We want to help get player feedback and questions to our developers. Please add them here. We’ll close the thread in a few days and once we have feedback from our teams we’ll create another thread with the replies. We want it to be constructive and concise so we’ll focus on the top 5 to 10 questions/feedback.

Wow. This was just suggested yesterday by a member...

there was also a thread about a week or two ago that outlined a lot.. maybe someone on a computer can link it...

- Myself, I think one of the biggest things is the timer glitch and hacking...

- I also think that instead of just using the same pictured items and renaming them, new items should be created, especially for syndicate wars. It appears to be the same pictured items over and over. Get some new designs please.

- Spread events out. you're going to wear people out on the game craming things so close and milking it.

- different platforms should be equal. Right now there is a crazy drop rate for android users as opposed to iOS along with the gold. Droid users can watch one video and get one gold. iOS has to watch 5 videos to get one gold.

- maybe something for free members - or at least a free event to allow people that don't drop a mortage on the game?

- most importantly, the support!!! support seems to be back logged for weeks. this shouldn't be the case. I shouldn't submit a ticket about a problem and get a response 3 weeks later saying that I have to delete and reinstall the game - when its me REPORTING a hacker or showing screen shots that there's a problem somewhere...

Other then that, I think the new events are great. They are doing a little better this week then they were two weeks ago!

(CCK) Cam
05-10-2013, 08:21 PM
1. Android time travel and 100% chance of getting weapons from jobs
2.Respect/Gold/Money hacks

05-11-2013, 01:00 AM
a like/dislike button for posts on these forums.fixing existing issues,mainly force close issue,would be better than any new addition that could be done imho.

05-11-2013, 02:04 AM
1. The syndicate war events are a lot of fun, but a syndicate war event every 10 days is too much.
Syndicate war events require a lot of time, especially when you take them serious. And it's not easy to juggle real life and the game, if there is a time-consuming event like the syndicate ware event very second weekend. A syndicate war event once a month would be better and make it easier for the average player to participate in these events.

2. Please take the hacker-problem serious! It is really annoying, when you spend a lot of time improving your stats and hood and then you come across or get attacked by a player who is obviously a hacker (who has hundreds of equipment and lots of buildings that aren't unlocked at his level and explosives worth many millions of respect points even he hasn't won many PVP-fights), you report him to the support team and weeks later he is still there playing happily.

3. Try to improve support. It often takes a long time until you get a response and the responses aren't always very helpful. Here an example: I describe a problem that I have with the syndicate-forum screen and attach screenshots to the email. After some time I get an email, asking me, if the problem has been solved. I write back that I still have the problem. Some time later I get an email, telling me that I should reinstall the game. Since reinstalling the game is the first thing I do, when there is a problem, I inform the support team that I've already reinstalled it. Then I get an email, telling me that they close the case, because the problem has been solved. Well, since it hasn't been solved, I tell the support teamso and say that I still have the same problem. But didn't get any answer..... I accept that there might be problems that you can't fix at the moment or that you don't know what's the reason for a problem. But then please say it and don't send meaningless auto-replies.

4. There are quite a lot of technical issues. The game crashes or slows down very often (I play
Crime City on a mobile phone with Android). Please focus on fixing the existing problems before implementing new functions/etc.

5. I understand that you need the money that you get from gold-buyers. But it would be nice if non-gold players had fairer chances in the game and in events as well.

05-11-2013, 05:06 AM
I would add some more explanation to the gold and the events. There was an event a couple weeks ago where you needed to open ten cases to get the ten collectible items and you would get a helpful item. I got about six items from the cases. I had gotten a few other random items but I didn't pay much attention. It started getting closer to the end of the event and I had gotten 7 or 8 of the items I needed, but I was getting ones I didn't need more frequently. I figured I'd buy some gold to get the last two I needed. Of course, all I got after that were items I didn't need. I assume I don't just have the worst luck in the world and that the chances of opening the right item drastically decrease when you're close to getting 10, which the game does not tell you. I spent $10 on gold and I honestly felt ripped off. I now know that I will not spend any money on this game again.

Also some explanation could be added to defense. It would be nice if the game would tell you what effect, if any, all your turrets have on you getting robbed.

05-11-2013, 01:41 PM
1. Resolve cheat complaints in a timely fashion. Here are a few (still) unresolved examples, ticket numbers: #521816, #521854, #522367, #522445, #522791, #524522, #532610, #560299.

2. Actually... resolve and respond to ALL support tickets in a timely fashion. It is one thing to wait 3 weeks for a resolution, but when the response is a copy/paste email that is not even related to the original ticket, why bother?

3. Fix the bugs. See #1 and #2 for places to find these game bugs.

I hope this type of communication continues and grows, and doesn't just disappear.

05-11-2013, 01:51 PM
I would like to see new moneybuildings that Can be bought with in-game cash or respect. Plus boost buildings would be awesome too.

05-11-2013, 03:42 PM
1. Ability to upgrade 2 buildings at the same time. Since some buildings can take a few days to upgrade, this would be nice to have.

2. Ranking system similar to the one in Modern War.

3. Boost buildings like in Modern War.

4. Prizes for winning a syndicate battle.

5. Free gold each month to daily players.

6. Better response time to customer complaints.

7. Fix the crashes that occur when robbing or attacking someone.

8. Different tab for syndicate donation alerts.

9. Limited-time discounts on buildings. Example: 10% off money buildings for the next 2 days.

05-11-2013, 08:40 PM
#1 Cheats, Hackers and Glitchers
. stop them, find them and remove them

#2 Bug : Variance in stats b/t Devices
. IPH still displays differently across devices

#3 Communication to the Community
. let us feel a part of the game's future, engage and let us know what's happening / planned

05-12-2013, 12:43 PM
Syndicate matchup!
You describe the matchup is done by the total attack of the syndicate.
But how is it possible that my Top500 syndicate faces a Top25 syndicate?

05-13-2013, 07:50 AM
I have dropped over $1000 us dollars in gold since the first battle. Make the game more generous. We love to play, but why spend 2 months car payments on gold?
- have events that you earn gold when you play - ie. scratchoff, gold as an item. other games offer their gold items much easier and is more fair than crime city
- have option for either using gold or game $$ to purchase battle health, buildings, weapons etc.
- during battle - more generous on health restoration, 4 hits? come on... totally not acceptable
- make events more doable, currently, the Hit list is awesome, have won awesome weapons, but there is no way possible to complete in the time frame 40 levels and get what I am playing for. only 2 days left and I still need 14 more levels, impossible
- padgoda event, awesome building - no way due to the timing to complete event, again to earn the reward I am playing for.
- make attack easier to obtain. defense is very important, but equally is the attack.
- make all events available on kindle, driod and ios. currently play 2nd character on kindle fire and can't play the hit list. can see it as progress, but cant play

Respectively submitted, me 207009500 463062120

05-13-2013, 10:56 AM
Thanks folk. Keep the feedback and questions coming. We are going to close the thread tomorrow.

05-13-2013, 12:39 PM
1) When will Kingdom Age/Monster quest become available on Android ?
2) We would like more buildings in crime city hopefully we will have more limited building event that started
3) We would like in game report button for hacker/cheater that way we can report them faster for you to review
4) Keep up LTQ Event for all game hopefully PVE rather than PVP.
5) We would like occasional free gold for loyal player in crime city since modern war get free gold on a monthly basis.
6) It would be nice to receive weapon items every time we level up in the game
7)The game crashes or slows down very often (I play
Crime City on a mobile phone with Android). Please focus on fixing the existing problems before implementing new functions/etc.
8) Why don't we have health regeneration bonus for syndicate since Modern war does as well addition 5% on top 25% for all bonuses -when will crime city get this?
9) New Syndicate bonus ( 5%,10%,15%,20%,25% less chance explosive being consumed)

05-13-2013, 01:36 PM
1) spread out the wars!!! Once a month is plenty especially with 4 or 5 case/boss events in between!!
2) I noticed a negative multiplier on hackers in last war where a player with over 200k def was beaten by our campers surely if you can do this you can boot them entirely? Hackers is a big problem for people who spend some gold and still get walked over by hackers who do it for free
3) LTQ goals are a great idea but really should be clearer I have a lot of my syndicate confused by completing it once and not gettin the car?? It should have a tier system similar to boss events.

Thanks for listening guys

05-13-2013, 01:36 PM
Main Gameplay Issues

- Syndicate Wars as of late are too close together for my liking; only 11 days between last war AND it is clashing with Modern War event!- you are going to burn people out timewise and burn a hole in their wallets making them less likely to spend and stay in the long term. Wars are very time intensive and I know that I will be caring and spending less for the next war; even if there is a 40% sale on. You want to make a quick buck? It will backfire in the long run.

At a bare minimum I think wars should be 3 weeks apart, and if you need players to burn more gold then add more filler events in between or a 5 day rest period after a syndicate war. Players are also unlikely to spend on subsequent wars if they are really close together since gold bonuses are paid monthly. Some syndicates have even discussed not spending much for this upcoming war since it is so close. Have you read the general forums lately? People say you don't care and are just GREEdy! In conclusion, playing crime city will start feeling like a chore if we are bombarded with too much at one time. Spread it out effectively, players will enjoy the game more and spend accordingly instead of burning out and quitting. I for one will simply quit if wars are on every 11 days.

- Limited time quest - has useless and pointless timesink robbery goals. Trying to find a fish store, pawn shop, gun shop, meat store etc at a high level is tedious as almost no one has them. Get rid of specific robbery quests and replace them with someone else like rob 5 buildings, 10 buildings etc. No one is enjoying refreshing their rival list 200 times to try and find 1 building when each rival hood takes 30 secs to load. It is just frustrating and wastes peoples time.

Game Improvements

- Donation and brick alerts need a separate tab from the main syndicate forum. Yes it is nice you added in the feature of seeing amounts but seriously the in game forum is cluttered with crap because of this. No serious syndicate uses it for anything because of the clutter.
- More decorations and ability to add grass/water/sand tiles. Being able to place multiple decorations in one go would also be nice instead of going to the buy screen again.
- More buildings - I guess this one has already been addressed with the Pagoda building event. Hopefully more to come
- Incentives for the daily player - scratchers are a nice daily reward but they really need to be revamped since the stats/chances are so low that most high level players don't get anything out of them. Perhaps something like a daily check in system where you are awarded gold for consecutive logins.
- More syndicate bonuses for upgrade time, upgrade cost, item cost, explosives not being consumed etc - make these super expensive

Technical/Support issues:

- Better support ticket response system wanted. Ticket responses/resolutions taking a month+ at times!
- With tickets - at least copy and paste a response message. How do we know it wasn't just autoclosed instead of investigated? This would prevent people from reopening to see status.
- A way to tag cheaters in game if you attack them or visit their hood - like if one player gets tagged for 'cheating' 10 times by players he automatically gets reviewed.
- Gameplay is often laggy on some android devices etc, Rivals slow to load etc

sister morphine
05-13-2013, 02:08 PM
Agree absolutely that there needs to be more space between events. Many of your customers play more than one game; it's just ridiculous to be holding wars every single weekend. That will just lead to burn out for some.

On events there should be a chance for free players to actually complete these, even if it's a very slim one. As it is there is absolutely no chance - not even to reach the half-way point on the LTQs without spending gold. Having done these in Kingdom Age for some time now I've noticed the move towards energy requirements becoming so onerous as to make it impossible to reach halfway as a free player. The big gold spenders who like to race through these events in a short time will still spend to do that.

05-13-2013, 02:33 PM
Look we all know this is a business, at the end of the day you are here to make money. So I won't waste my breath asking for better rewards for free players or this or that as it will just be ignored.

What I will say is that your current diary of events is just becoming overpowering. Slow it all down or your revenue from this game is going to drop. I have players in my syndicate quitting the game today as they have had enough of the relentless events. After all we do actually have lives away from touch screens.


05-13-2013, 02:44 PM
I second sister morphine. Being successful as a free player is what makes the game fun. Making it so you need to spend vault after vault to complete an event sucks for free players because that means we won't come close to achieving goals. Ill finish the current LTQ round 1 but I won't have time to even think about round 2 which is relatively fair. Round 1 for free players and round 2 for decent gold spenders. But I have a feeling that will change quickly and I'm not looking forward to that day.

Battles once a month, leader board case event can go away (which is great not to see it this current schedule), collect 10 this round has no modifier..? The rewards for Chinatown pictures have not been updated?

Modifiers needed in the game: lower consumable %, more energy, health for bosses and battles regen %, bullet regen %

Features other games have that CC needs: boost buildings, in KA there is a menu that shows you were you need more units/equipment.

Name change use to be free guys, 50 gold or $5 is retarded. I only use tapjoy gold and would never allocate 50 gold for something I want but doesn't help my game.

The thug life reward could use the new respect items in it. The rpg isn't really out of date but the other older ones are.

Limited buildings, or the pagoda. Awesome but more then 9 days would have been nice, getting it half way levelled up feels great for a free player but even one more would make it a successful event on my side. Which won't happen because there wasn't enough time. But still love the LE buildings.

05-13-2013, 03:00 PM
My suggestion would be make attack an defense skill points more effective, maybe then we can beat the campers!

05-13-2013, 03:08 PM
NUMBER ONE fix support I would buy gold again, but based on principal i wont, i have multiple open tickets and many times i just don't fight the fight with support so i don't send a ticket. If i ran my business this way i wouldn't have one.
NUMBER TWO a scratcher update
NUMBER 3 a syndicate scratcher for winning a fight in battle.
NUMBER 4 total amount of money and bricks donated bye one person

Senator McCarthy
05-13-2013, 03:25 PM
1. 10 Days between battles it bit too much (Maybe Monthly but if you are going to have another battle in short period of time... shorten the battle time). I already had two syndicate members quit by selling off all their buildings and donating the cash to the syndicate because they couldn't handle the schedule. (Also don't schedule battles that coincide with other game battles like MW. I have members that play both games and they are left with a choice of picking one game or the other).

2. There should be syndicate events where you can win in game cash for the syndicate. Some of the last syndicate upgrades are pricey and takes a long time to get. Maybe you should add cash prizes to the syndicate battles along with weapons prizes.

3. There should be some benefit for winning an individual battle against another syndicate (maybe in game cash prize to the syndicate)? Or More points to the winning team based off of points scored in that particular battle (like 10 percent more point added to your battle score for winning)? As of right now, there is no incentive to win against a particular syndicate during battle other than pride.

4. Lower Levels are rewarded with higher points scored against higher levels and makes campers with high stats more valuable than a decent high level players. There should be some benefit to leveling up faster like more hits allowed than lower levels during battle and Epic Boss event.

5. Faster response time from Gree over complaints. It takes so long to resolve a certain issue that it is almost a joke to even make a complaint.

6. No automatic deletion of syndicate forum comments. If we reach a limit... there should be a warning where we can delete nonessential comments or syndicate alerts and keep old comments that we want to keep where other members in a different time zone could see the comments.

05-13-2013, 05:04 PM
Hi everyone, this is my 1st post

1. Make a shortcut to the syndicate forum from the globe on main page instead of having to switch pages

2. Sort out syndicate members by influence points or wins ?

3. Make hitting the wall / defence leader more rewarding

4. Ability to sell old weapons

5. When viewing syndicate members stats add the option of visiting their hood

6. Improve the thug life & hardcore hitman prizes

7. Make skill points count more

8. Separate syndicate alerts page and total donated by member tab

9. Game can run slowly at times

05-13-2013, 05:51 PM
I believe if any suggestions are to be considered they need to motivate both sides of the table.

1) Burn out is becoming real. Two people quit in my syn today because of it taking over their life. Watch the pace of events so players keep having fun and you maintain the players you have; gold and non gold. You don't have to care about me personally, what I can tell you is that I have a fairly high 'tolerance' and the notion of stopping altogether has even hit me. A more reasonable schedule would keep more players in the game.

2) Be careful with barrier of entry. A lot of sentiment about campers/strong low levels. If it is impossible to enter the game due to no obtainable events/items that gives you a meaningful chance of the game at lower levels you may choke of supply of new players. Most new players who realize that gold is the only way to ever participate will quit quickly. I would have for sure. It is not all going to get better by leveling up fast, to the contrary it would be pretty discouraging spot to find yourself in. Keeping a steady supply of new players can only be a good thing.

3) Please improve the spirit of cooperation with regards to hackers/glitchers/cheaters. It is a very sore spot for legit players. We feel left out and it is unsatisfactory to just be left with the feeling of sending a ticket into the dark. Many make a serious effort to help you combat this issue. We will enthusiastically help you more if we feel involved; you will stand a greater chance of squelching this.

4) Syn war is by far your most fun event. Focus on it, develop it. Some element of a prize for a won battle would make this more alive and not just be an empty hunt for points. Honestly, I would say don't come up with a bunch more events. They are mostly tedious and boring. Syn war is interactive and the only one that really accomplish the idea of players connecting. Connected players are your best bet for a loyal following.

05-13-2013, 06:08 PM
I agree with the comments on the android glitch. This has gone on entirely too long. They can adjust time and date and have as many upgrades going as they want as wall as collect buildings as many times a say as they want. I have been playing this game over two years and have worked hard to get to level 208 only to have stats lower than members at a level 70. they are cheating, its obvious and I have reported an entire syndicate using this cheat.

05-13-2013, 10:24 PM
There are a lot of good suggestions so far, so I will just add two that are daily hindrances.

1) Implement an improved inventory management system. Currently, we cannot tell which items are "used" in fights/robs with our mafia, nor can we tell what new items would directly increase our stats. To become useful, the current system would need to be revamped, but it should be possible.
a) For viewing current inventory, let us sort ascending or descending by attack or defense. For each item, show an indicator of whether or not the item is used in mafia attacks/defenses and the quantity of items used. This is automatically calculated in the background; why not show it in the foreground?
b) For viewing equipment to purchase, there currently are indicators of the quantity of that particular item in inventory. Could you display the calculated increase, if any, that would be realized by purchasing another unit of that equipment?

I am not a programmer per se, but Microsoft Excel has the capability of doing all of this and has been used by many players. It is just not efficient to keep the dataset in the Excel files updated with new inventory items. If you could implement this new system, it would help a lot of people out in planning their in-game purchases.

2) Please add another tab to the syndicate page to break out syndicate alerts from regular discussion. I enjoy the syndicate alerts as it allows people to stay abreast of each other's activity. It is just painstaking to weed out the clutter of an active syndicate (a good problem to have) in order to maintain a conversation.

Thank you for taking the time and putting out the effort to listen to your customers. A lot of these changes can't/won't be implemented, but we really do appreciate the effort.

05-14-2013, 01:58 AM
i agree with everything that has already been said. My sugestions would be.

1) hard line on hackers/cheater, Im sick of reporting the same players many times and getting standard replys from support, before they actualy do anything about the player.

2) Events need to be more spread out.

3) It should be possible to compleate all events for free with time and dedication. Making events that are only possible to compleate with gold will force a lot of free players to quit as they are dropping to far behind the gold spenders and cant compeate.

4) Better item drops from scratchers and PVP. At the moment the item drops are useless for most higher players, they add nothing to our stats.

5) Being able to sell old weapons. with better respect/item drops & gold items a lot of older items are no longer used it would be nice to be able to sell these to free up some of the wasted respect & money spent on them.

05-14-2013, 05:32 AM
Hey guys!

We want to help get player feedback and questions to our developers. Please add them here. We値l close the thread in a few days and once we have feedback from our teams we値l create another thread with the replies. We want it to be constructive and concise so we値l focus on the top 5 to 10 questions/feedback.

I really think what should of happened was everyones syndicate points should return to zero to give us all a fighting chance. with the points following on all that is happening is fight club are going to win every district getting stronger and stronger creating elite teams whilst the rest struggle for the scraps. we all love the game but you are creating elite groups who are that far ahead even if they didnt battle at all would still rank very high.

05-14-2013, 06:00 AM
1. Not all players have thousands of dollars to spend on in game items. Theirs only a handful of players I can attack due to my low stats but I have a lot of stamina. We should be able to do a power attack that maybes uses double or triple the amount of stamina that increases our attack (as its a power stamina attack) this would allow players at the lower end to punch above their weight.

2. Implement a API to pull stats/data from the game.

3. Add more permissions on syn bank so users can withdraw from the bank (with some daily limits or something)

4. Add more buildings as its kinda boring to level after level 185 as you dont really get anything in return after that even though theirs a further 65 levels.

5. Allow us to upgrade more than one building at a time. Could have 3 upgrades at a time or something. With long build/upgrade times the higher level you are defense buildings dont get upgraded or it just takes too long.

6. Allow us to sell items in our inventory that have been purchased at lower levels.

7. Not everything should be about buying gold.. the current battles are purely gold battles with who ever has the largest bank balance wins. Their should be some emphasis on free players. Eventually it comes to a point where free players get out ranked by money players that free players cant really do anything in game because of low stats.

05-14-2013, 06:29 AM
as a gold spender i feel the is too many events going on a once it is starting to make me dislike like the game it is not fun anymore, all i keep thinking is if i don't play 24/7 i will be left behind. if things don't change i will stop spending and playing this game and i am sure more will fellow as time goes by.

05-14-2013, 06:45 AM
Like many other people have said, the overlapping events are a bit much. And wars so close together can be difficult as well. There have been multiple people in my syndicate that are taking a break and possibly quitting all together. And there has been further discussions on Group Me of others in the syndicate quitting CC.

Inventory management: A better tool for seeing what items are being utilized and a way to get rid of older items (sell back RP/money items at a loss for 60% of cost).

More opportunity for the non-gold players. I realize that gold should give you an advantage, but if you don't spend much on gold you have to feel like you can still win.

The syndicate communication tab: A weekly donation total for each member and a separate tab for donations/member posts.

There is a lot that I enjoy about CC. Keep improving. Thanks.

05-14-2013, 07:26 AM
1... event too much overlapping: we have people quitting this game alltogether because they feels they are taking advantage of life.. and they are level 200 + people. Slow down Gree

2... Please get rid of "rob xxxx building", it doesn't help anybody, it's the most hated thing to do.

05-14-2013, 07:30 AM
1. less events and event overlap.

2. more buildings. i am a free player at level 158 with nothing to buy until level 185.

3. better tapjoy offers or more videos for free players.

4. try NO gold sale during battles.

05-14-2013, 07:41 AM
Ok my input in no particular priority or order
1. Hoods - allow more expansions, provide more buildings, possibility of RP buildings, allow speeding up of upgrades with in game cash.
2. Item management - allow sell back at any value you decide, both for RP and cash items no longer required and a sort button for Atk and def weapons so we can see what we need to buy
3. Syndicates - separate tab for donations/alerts, less frequent battles.
4. Continue with LE buildings, brilliant idea!
5. continue with LTQ, I don't mind the robbing, but higher level buildings for higher level players I have zero low level buildings, the hood space and IPH are not worth the time or money required
6. Speed up support and give an actual response!
7. Clean out the hackers, and cheating glitches so we have a level playing field to compete against!

05-14-2013, 07:52 AM
Keep doing:

Love the Limit time budiling and event
love the syndicate war, my favorite and spent tons of time with it.
Love new stat pages to see wht kind of modifiers I got

Stop doing
Stop with the "rob pawnshop 1 time"
stop unorganizable item.
please let us get rid of items who don't need (we can do that with buildings, why not let us sell items???)

05-14-2013, 08:15 AM
I would also like to show my displeasure with the rob 1 gun shop (48 hour building) and other similar goals. Traveling to a hood and finding a building is already robbed or collected is bad enough, but going to a hood and not having that building at all is very frustrating. If you want to stick with a specific building, then at least when I click on the goal I should be taken to a list of rivals that actually have that building (not necessarily available to be robbed, but present in the hood). Otherwise, just rob 5 buildings or even rob 5 Level 3 or higher buildings. Plenty of ways to utilize stamina without spending 2 hours or more looking for one building type.
Thanks again.