View Full Version : @@ Call for help @@ To Leader or any members in Maximus Meridius Guild !!

Teddy Bear
05-07-2013, 10:50 AM
Your member Lolo at level 88 .. would like to contact you

As bellowing is original message from her

I need your help
Hi Teddy,

First of all, I apologise for writing you directly but I am looking for someone who can help me.

Recently, my Ipad has been stolen and I have contacted to GREE Support to help me. They require me my old ID of my avatar but I can't remember it. In this sense, I would like ask you if you mind helping me in:

a) Contact to my Guild: I was joined to Maximus Meridius Guild, in the TOP 400 in the latest two battles. The founder is Tony. They will know my ID because some of them are my allies. Please, tell them I have problems

b) If you cant locate them, my Avatar is Lolo and I was at level 88 before I lost the Ipad. Perhaps someone of your Guild could find me. I have published my ID in the comments.

c) Publish a help message in General forum. I have tried to do it but the system displays I dont have permissions??? I asked for help to "Ill spoke of" and he/she published in the Guild Recruitment with no success...

Please, I apologise for writing you because we have never talked, but I saw you are very active in the forum and I thought you could help me.

Warm Regards,


I try to contact Maximus Meridius Guild, but look like they is not register in Forum of KA

So anyone in Forum know Tony or has Lolo in member list.

To recall her ID in kingdom age :confused:

I wish you will receive your ID and/or your ipad back to you, as soon as possible :o