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04-27-2013, 04:54 PM
Edit: this post is outdated. Read the most recent post. Thanks.

Some of you may know me from the forums. If not, allow me to introduce myself.

I've played and continue to play all Gree games. I'm an officer in our Bonuses N Battles guild. I've been on the forums for quite a while, and I know quite a bit about the game. We are a guild chock full of people who absolutely love to spreadsheet everything, and analyze the crap out of the game.

Most of us have camped and are almost (or have already) ready to pull up our tent pegs. We almost made top 200 in the first war, and after some personnel changes, almost made top 100 in this last war. We've had some turnover as the last remaining pure campers left us for a pure camping guild, and we currently have several spots open.

Our goal is to push into the top 100 for as free as humanly possible, maybe some light spending by select members, the vast majority of the guild is free, or extremely light spenders. We enjoy the social aspect of the guild, and have created (and regularly use) outside of the game communications to develop our strategy and tactics. I'd say most of the guild is working professionals who check the game more than a half dozen times a day, with a sprinkling of people who are attached to the game bodily.

We literally accept all levels, but there are requirements that we strictly adhere to. In order to qualify, you must be :

-willing and able to check the game at least 5 times a day, especially during guild wars, but if that's your regular schedule, it's a plus. We can easily verify this by looking at your money buildings.
-not minding gaining experience to increase the guilds rank(campers are welcome, but you must be willing to attack other players in the guild war).
-allying with myself or another officer to critique your kingdom
-register (and use) our KA subforum on this website
-must have, at a minimum, 2k stats/level. Yes, I realize that's probably not possible at lower levels, but beyond 60 ish, it's a hard requirement.
-must be willing to contribute a minimum of 200k gold per week, knowing that we have a healthy competition on our donation log for who contributes the most, and everyone plays. To go along with this, you must have an absolute minimum of 7k IPH, (prefer 10k+), in order to be able to continue to grow your kingdom while still easily making your contribution.
-must be intelligent. I swear we must have 25 members with engineering degrees. We like to nerd it out, if you don't, you may not like us, or fit in. Social fit matters to us, not just how big your wallet is.

If you want to look us up, check us out. Guild Code 725-221-431.

I will not be checking this thread. Don't bother posting here. Just send me a PM, or an ally request and a comment on my wall.

07-02-2013, 07:40 PM
I'm adding this update to our recruitment thread. We are and plan to continue being a top100 guild, while simultaneously planning on completing these guild LTQs without selling our firstborn to Gree. So, we are looking primarily for a few good higher level players to round out our roster.

We have all of the bonuses up to and including the ones to upgrade to 46 members unlocked. Our next few upgrades will be health regen after that. We still have a (strict) weekly gold contribution of 300k/week, with almost all members donating more if we are close to a bonus. We require participation in at least 4 wars a day, preferably 5. Our perfect candidate for the next two spots will be above level 150 with almost all of their skill points allocated into HS and with one of the good hero weapons from the last few LTQs, and wouldn't be averse to spending a small (~ 1 mountain) amount of gems if necessary to contribute to the guild quest. Spending them on the individual LTQ and obtaining the drops from heroic mode is an acceptable alternative. This member should be active, and not constantly be out of town or out of Internet areas, for non phone users. There's no set minimum stats level, but if you are much lower than 300k stats you will be getting owned during guild battle events and must be willing to accept any losses that you incur. We would probably look for this candidate to score upwards of 2k points during a guild quest, that being the primary purpose of the invite. If you think you have what it takes then send me a PM or an in game message on my wall. Also, keep in mind that spots do fill quickly so if you miss this one you may have to wait until someone leaves (almost never happens), or we unlock another bonus.

Thanks for reading.

07-08-2013, 12:16 AM
Spot is still available in this awesome guild.