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Silent follower
04-27-2013, 08:28 AM

Silent Assault boosted up with new players between the two wars to a solid top 400 place in the Battle for Blighted Woods and wants to have more active members to boost us into top 200 in the next war. We are an active global guild looking especially for Australian/Asian new members to strengthen up those time zones for our 24/7 war. We fought 58 battles and won 33 of them. Our guild is very good, the best and most active of use were invited to another guild with slightly better bonuses, but it ended up with their most active players joining Silent Assault instead. The chat is very active with all kind of info from tactics in the next war to personal achivements or tips on how to best do LTQ:s, telling info about enemies/rewards to maximize the guilds members performance in them.

Currently we offer +18% time bonuses, +14% cost reductions and +10 places. We ask for a daily minimum of 20k donations to improve our guild, but are flexible with that when needed. Come and join us at 632207609. At the moment we have three open positions, but can get quite fast two more.

Waiting for new members,
Silent Follower

Crusader Shout
04-27-2013, 07:02 PM
Are you in a guild that is worthy of you? Is everyone as committed as you are? Did you win top guild prizes in the last war?

If you don’t like the answers to these questions, you may be in the wrong guild. The Crusaders Guild (908491608) finished in the Top 40. (See www.TheCrusaders.info) And we did it with only 31 members! We now have 38, with two new openings. Imagine what we could have done if you had been with us!

Our members enjoy more than just time and cost bonuses, casualty deductions, etc. We also have a rich website full of playing tips to help us play smarter and better. We have openings for players like you. If you are interested, let me know or contact us through our website.

www.TheCrusaders.info (908491608)
“Where the Strong Play to Win”