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mee notyou
04-24-2013, 04:16 PM
Thank you for you interest in BlackOps.

We have two teams. BlackOps and BlackOps 2

BlackOps is an elite guild dedicated to winning guild wars, unlocking guild bonuses, and enjoying the camaraderie of team play. We are a cohesive team that is more akin to a family. We are highly organized and have a battle proven war strategy.

BlackOps recently placed in the Top 25 in Blighted Woods (guild rankings not out yet but we assume placement in the mid-teens). We feel we likely could have made Top 10 but had 19 of our team members more or less inactive. War is over, the house has been cleaned, and we are now recruiting to fill their vacancies.

What we are looking for:
~ Serious, active, sociable, team oriented, gem players
~ Stats triple level (i.e. a level 100 player must have 300k stats) - exceptions can be made on a case by case basis
~ Willing to register on and use our guild's website
~ Minimum weekly donation of 600k / Officers 1 million
~ Monthly donation to the guild
~ Score at least 100k conquest points during war

BlackOps 2 is more laid back than our primary team and is a mix of gem spenders and free players who want to do well in wars but not break the bank. BlackOps 2 is more focused on enjoying the war and the competition and endeavors to achieve and maintain a Top 50 ranking.

~ Active, sociable, team oriented players
~ Stats on par with level and a desire to raise the stats through fair game play
~ Willing to register on and use our guild's website
~ Donate what you are able to spare while continuing to raise stats and upgrade buildings
~ Score at least 25k conquest points during war

Members of BlackOps 2 have the opportunity to earn a place in BlackOps if they can prove they meet the entry requirements.

Regardless, team members from both team stay closely connected through the use of the guild website. We truly are ~ ONE TEAM, ONE FIGHT ~

Mike (founder)

04-26-2013, 01:16 AM
This is guild is an absolutely amazing group of KA players who are serious about battle and helping teammates raise stats but also light about life. I often am roflol during battles and team chat. A tightly bound bunch. It has changed this game for me. Check 'em out!
Constantine XI