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04-14-2013, 02:01 PM
Level 200 515k attack 460k defense going up every day and 16k IPH. Looking for a top 10 guild very active in battle and will spend money for gems

04-14-2013, 03:29 PM
Dubzlife, depending upon your gem spending... how does Top 3 sound? We also have a Top 10 Guild if you're stuck on Top 10 :D ! Either way, BGK has you covered. You can submit your request in-game to: BGK [invite code 400-849-072] (to expedite, please also email the info requested below to bgkrecruiting@gmail.com)

BLACK GRYPHON'S KNIGHTS (BGK) is accepting applications for our #3 Ranked Top Guild. BGK guilds placed 3rd and 6th in Dragon's Roost. The BGK Kingdom consists of 5 guilds, ranging from our Top 3 elite guild to our LLP (low level player) guild that even has a kids section with special mini-quests for supervised play by the children of our BGK members. We also now have multiple competitive guilds with varied stat and gem requirements.

To become a BGK member, please submit your request to join BGK [invite code 400-849-072] & send an email to bgkrecruiting@gmail.com with the following information:
(1) In-game name & ID number, as well as Gree forum name,
(2) level, attack, defense and IPH stats (together with screenshot of stat page),
(3) individual # of conquest points & wins earned in Dragon's Roost (together with screenshot),
(4) # of gems, if any, you will use in next battle,
(5) which guild you are leaving & why,
(6) your frequency of play & availability to participate during battles (& particularly next battle), and
(7) which BGK member, if any, referred you to our guild.


04-14-2013, 03:48 PM
Level 200 515k attack 460k defense going up every day and 16k IPH. Looking for a top 10 guild very active in battle and will spend money for gemsSpectral Agony finished No. 25 in the Battle for Dragon's Roost. Please submit a PM to Vile Doom, [DW] Angel, myself or any other officer.Spectral Agony - Top 25 Guild RecruitingThe Spectral Agony Guild is seeking active members for our guild. After our top 25 finish we are looking to continue the climb up the ladder. Currently we are looking to recruit high statistic gem players before the next conquest event. ATM we are 39/40 members.Requirements:•Hacking: We have ZERO tolerance for this. If you take part in such activities then read no further. •Be an active player.•A/D: 1.7k x level•IPH: 60 per level•W/L: 5/1 ratio or better.•Gems: You must be willing to spend at least 1,500 gems during crusade events.•50k minimum daily donation. You will be entering an established guild with many bonuses already in effect.•Minimum initial guild donation = 250,000.Guild bonuses: I will continue to update as purchased.23 upgrades to this point!+22% Building Upgrade Speed+22% Building Upgrade Cost Reduction+9% Casualty Reduction +20 Guild MemberIf you are interested in joining Spectral Agony PM me with the following information.•Level•Attack/Defense•IPH•W/L•Special consideration given if you submit a screen shot of your point total from the previous event.All applications will be reviewed by myself and the guild officers.