View Full Version : LOOK AT THIS GREE--POLL: do you want an option to reset skill points?

04-11-2013, 07:57 PM
In response to the other thread.

04-11-2013, 08:10 PM
I would like to see a reset skill button option. The first time should be free. If you want to do it for a second time or as much as you want, then gold is acceptable.

04-11-2013, 08:15 PM
nope, play the cards you are dealt.

04-11-2013, 08:15 PM
of which, you picked yourself already...

so yeah, definitely should NOT have the option to reset them.

04-11-2013, 08:18 PM
Well, thinking like a GREE (d) developer, they could add the option but paying with gold. This would mean more money for them.

04-11-2013, 08:22 PM

but none of this measly 50 crap. They should make it like 250 or 500.

04-11-2013, 08:52 PM
nope, play the cards you are dealt.

I share this sentiment.

The ability to reverse your less than ideal choices takes appeal away from the game. With each action there comes a consequence, and tactic is quintessential to this game.

There are more skill points to be had, so those who didn't allocate wisely before may have the option, at least, to counterballance. For instance, if you put the majority of your skill points into attack and wish you had used them for defense, that's now where you assign all skill points to come.

04-11-2013, 08:56 PM
Well, thinking like a GREE (d) developer, they could add the option but paying with gold. This would mean more money for them.

I think they can be a little more creative than this. They can gain a far heftier profit by giving players better events, like the current LTQ. Resetting skill points would give Gree sizable profit perhaps, but it would be short-lived.

04-11-2013, 11:55 PM
No to the option.

King little fruit fly
04-12-2013, 01:41 AM
Why do you guys keep coming up with idea for Greedy to make more money? Remember name change, it costs you 50 golds now, it used to be free.

04-12-2013, 01:44 AM
Nope, as it would be EXTREMELY easy to abuse, bad enough as it is right now.

04-12-2013, 02:26 AM
I'm with Mickymacirl on this one it would be so easily abused. If they did change it I'd suggest making it very expensive or even allowing it only 1 time per year on the anniversary of your starting date. allowing it as a pay as you go option would just allow people to put 100% onto def when away and swap to as much stamina and atk as they want when they are online.

04-12-2013, 02:39 AM
Exactly - so business wise it is a good idea - the DL would put 100% into defence skill points during a WD event. Then would switch them to stamina for a PvP event, to energy for a PvE event etc. Some people would do this 2-3 times per month.. Charge 750 gold and KERching - rake the money in.

04-12-2013, 04:11 AM
Bad idea. Start the game over if you're not happy with you own choices. That's what I did too.

04-12-2013, 11:09 AM

I voted NO btw :)

04-12-2013, 04:31 PM
nope, play the cards you are dealt.

I have to say this is the way i feel, just like i leveled to fast in the begining its all about learning and adapting to make it work. No get out of jail free cards

04-12-2013, 06:47 PM
I think a one time or once a year on anniversary would be nice

04-12-2013, 07:28 PM
Maybe within reason.. Not 100% of your skill points but say no more than 5 points in an adjustment...