View Full Version : Looking to see is small guild would like to join our larger guild

04-10-2013, 06:08 PM
Chaotic minds looking for dependable and fun players- come join our crazy family
Are you looking for a guild that likes to have fun while still being competitive?
If so, check out Chaotic Minds! Placing 114th in the Battle for Dragon's Roost with 15% inactive/non-participating members, we are looking to move on and move up in the next Battle! We now have 20+ guild upgrades with more to come quickly We are currently seeking new members who are active players with the ability to donate 50k/day, plus give a daily post to assure you are involved and in the know.

We also expect an "effort" to participate in the Guild Battles, without being ridiculously unrealistic. If this sounds like you, check out guild code: 706-785-11

We are close to a size upgrade and have 3 open spots. We would love to add a tight crew of 3-5 players. We placed 114 last time but with a solid addition we could break well into top 100. PM me or send an app to 706785115

04-11-2013, 03:01 AM
Most guild aspire to be at the top. We are at the TOP!

Want to be in the Top 10? joint Us !
Are you looking for a change? We currently have 42 members and finished 9th in the last battle. We have already bought bonuses for 22% upgrade discount, 22% less upgrade time and 19% fewer casualties. We have a very strong guild where our members donate their fair share of gold and time to the guild so we can defend our top 10 finish. We are looking for additional members like you to complete our team. Message me back if you are interested or if you have any questions. Our invite code is 317577610 😊