View Full Version : Chivers and Chivettes Wanted! KCCO Recruitment

04-06-2013, 07:48 AM
KCCO - Keep Calm and Chive On is recruiting!

We are currently a 30 member guild looking for a few Active members
Current upgrades:
Upgrade cost 18%
Building Upgrade Speed 18%
Guild Member +10

We are a respectful guild, whose only requirements are professional behavior and donate what you can. We also encourage members to continue to improve their stats through limited time quests.

We DO require as much war participation as possible!
We just cleaned house of a bunch of freeloaders. We are not a camping faction and when it's war we need everyone active. During war, players also must communicate with each other as we coordinate attacks (no lone wolf players).

If interested come and check us out.

Invite Code