View Full Version : The Fat Cat League (Top 250 Faction)

Master Sergeant
04-04-2013, 10:12 AM
The Fat Cat League has a few openings. We're looking for ACTIVE, daily players. We're a top 250 faction (easily). We placed 266 in China due to our gold boycott w/ Gree(d), but we're going after it in Battle for Ireland!

No daily quotas - gold is not a requirement (though some of us use it) just a bunch of good guys having fun! Checkout our bonuses:

Health Regen: 22%
Infantry Def: 20%
Ground Def: 25%
Air Def: 20%
Sea Def: 15%
Building Def: 25%
Building Output: 20%
Guild Mbr Inrease: +22

We're very organized and communicate well. For more info and to be considered for membership, apply at our online forum: http://tfcl.freeforums.org/recruitment-t19.html

My ID is 466016125