View Full Version : Top 400 Guild British Bulldogs Recruiting Now!

04-04-2013, 09:25 AM
An open invitation to join the British Bulldogs.

The British Bulldogs achieved a top 400 place with 21 active players!

We have space for active players who can contribute in the chat room and donate regularly.

Join us today the British Bulldogs (Guild code 346 570 904 )

Free players welcome

Current bonuses

14% Upgrade cost
18% Building upgrade cost

Look forward to receiving your request

04-05-2013, 04:40 AM
Update actual position 344th in the last round

04-05-2013, 07:59 PM
Out fishing for recruits… maybe we are not up to your level, but we believe we should have been in the top 400 if it wasn't for a bunch of cheesedics we had… below is what i have been posting… maybe you are interested in a merge? message me to discuss if interested.

I won't bore you with our stats and we don't have a donation minimum, all that we ask for is that you fight!!! We placed in the top 750 with only about 20% on average of our guild participating at one time. So… we have dropped 50% of our previous guild and are looking for players that just like to cut the heads off of whoever we are playing.

We have a strong guardian and a backup (I’m not giving their stats here) and the rest of us are just your average players, but we like to play and we don't like to loose. If you aren't a cash player and don't have outlandish stats you may actually do very well in our Guild since we don't have the highest stats ourselves…. thus we are matched with average guilds and therefore we actually do quit well.

However, we aren't looking for beginners… our average level is around 70, with typical (non-cash) stats.

We are seeking players that wake up in the middle of the night and grab their device to check to see if there is enough online to go to battle… or to read up and comment on the recent BS in the chat room. More importantly, if you were in a previous guild and saw how few it took to win a battle… so did we... and that is why our main goal is players that will show up. We have a strategy for start times and do not like individuals that initiate a battle without consensus… otherwise we will refer to you as Ethan and you will be booted out ASAP.

If interested look us up: 448613180.

The password is: “I like big Boobies” or just tell them Va Gina sent you (we like nicknames based off of avatar names)

PS… if you don't like a lot of chatter in the chat section, can't stand the asterisks in member comments, your name is Ethan, you are appalled at sexual innuendos, scared to fight, like Justin Beaver, you live in Iraq, don’t like to get drunk, don’t like sex, drive a moped, live with your mom (unless she is HOT and rich and you get all the money you want to buy gems), and if you don’t want to be in a guild with a guy name Jo that is a felon for most likely killing women… skinning them and keeping their hides in his closet…….. DON’T ****ing ask to join.

See you on the Battlefield