View Full Version : Crypt of the Black Dragon is now recruiting new guild members!

04-04-2013, 06:03 AM
Are you a daily player with A/D stats around 150k? Then join our guild! We placed 166th in the battle for Dragons Roost.

That was with very little gems spenders! Not a gem spender? No problem, it is not a requirement as in other guilds! We offer
- 5% casualty rate reduction
- 22% lower upgrade cost
- 22% increased upgrade speed!

All we ask for in return is
1) You play daily.
2) You donate 500x your level. If you are level 100, 100x 500= 50,000 minimum daily donation!

We are an international team and the last event was really fun, if you want to join send request to
941 149 387